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The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
What to Expect When Shopping for Tiles
Homeowners are often at a loss at the start of their renovation journey. Hafary hopes to ease the renovation anxiety by sharing tips and tricks when shopping for tiles. Collaborating with local singer, songwriter and first-time home owner, Tay Ke Wei, "The Art of Tile" features a series of floor and wall coverings design and ideas that could be options for building the perfect home.
The Rise of Wood Effect Tiles
The wood-effect tile has been rising in popularity as more home owners are looking at a Scandinavian, post-industrial or mid-Century interior design.
A beautiful feature wall can complement and make a room stand out. Here are our tile ideas in bringing the best out of your walls!
Rhombus - Unlimited Layout Options
The Rhombus collection is a series of multi-purpose porcelain stoneware with a focus on tile texture. Rhombus merges four different textures and places a stake on the original tile shape (lozenges). In addition, Rhombus offers almost unlimited layout options: from the fanciful patchwork and herring-bone settings to the intricate geometric compositions. Available in 8 different colours.
Demystifying the Homogeneous Tile
Shopping for tiles can be difficult as the industry jargons can be pretty confusing. Often, one is asked to look for a homogeneous tile for their home. But what exactly is a homogeneous tile?
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Long ago, on the banks of the navigli canals were living workers and artisans.Today the artisans workshops covered with wooden roofs remind the past times of a vanished town. Of these meeting places rich of charm, lifeblood for the business and artistic inspiration source, where the time seems to have stopped, remain traces and works from which Tagina has been inspired to create Rivamancina, a refined tile series suitable to customize your living spaces with a durable material and easy maintenance without renouncing to the beauty of a time-worn wood.
The Levante tile collection is characterized by its charming sinuous veins. Simulating natural stone, the rendition is undeniably realistic as repeated patterns are kept to a minimum. Suitable for indoor application in residential and commercial spaces.
One of the latest tile collections by Fanal is Silke. A surface covering that recalls the beauty of stone; Silke is expressed in a natural beige tone that is both classic and luxurious. Available in the 75x75cm format.
Distinction holds sway in the Venato collection, which stands out for its elegant white tone woven through with subtle veins. Large format pieces (75×75 centimetres) in porcelain stoneware with a high gloss polished finish that reflects natural light into the indoor space.
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