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The 4.8 mm thin tiles are a revolutionary porcelain tile concept. Incredibly lightweight, the tile is easy to cut (curves) and can be used on any surfaces.
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
From the cultural microcosm, artistic and fashionable of the famous London street BrickLane inspired this collection that reflects the same eclectic and cool spirit.
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// PERSONALITY OF THE SLATE// Personality and greatness of the slate is reinterpreted with all the technical advantages of ceramics in a modern and natural style. Bolano is a porcelain tile collection that transforms environments in captivating and comfortable settings thanks to its amazing design possibilities. In elegant tones (white, grey, and anthracite), Bolano brings the freshness of nature and provides a great sense of wellness to the environment. In a matt finish, its rough surface gives strength and freshness to the design. Furthermore, the technical features of porcelain make this collection ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Vivid and realistic designs that reinterpret the slate details and its laminated texture, making Bolano a series of great expressive wealth.
NO_W from Flaviker combines the graphic minimalism of certain types of Northern European stone with a characteristic shade variation typical of slabs obtained from different blocks or from different quarries. NO_W offers a modern interpretation of old stone floors, giving the collection a distinctly contemporary flavour. NO_W comes in the four colours Sand, Earth, Gray and Coal, a highly contemporary colour palette tailored to the needs of contemporary architecture. It offers interesting design opportunities when used in conjunction with the other natural-look materials.
Kite tile collection - Original geometry with 7 colours (White, light grey, dark grey, black, gesso, caramel, taupe) and decor.
Des Alpes
Simplicity and smoothness of natural stones live with “Des Alpes”in an exciting proposal of shades and chromatic variations. “Des Alpes” is a new living and design tile concept for “in/out door”spaces; basic like nature, warm like furniture, strong like a rock, fascinating like highest and aimed mountain peaks.
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