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The 4.8 mm thin tiles are a revolutionary porcelain tile concept. Incredibly lightweight, the tile is easy to cut (curves) and can be used on any surfaces.
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
This collection is inspired by the majolicas of Sorrento which were created from the great architect and designer Giò Ponti in 1962.
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From the cultural microcosm, artistic and fashionable of the famous London street BrickLane inspired this collection that reflects the same eclectic and cool spirit.
“I never wanted to design. I wanted to be a football player”. Handmade and technology... like an “antithesis” because the approach of these two words had often in the past answers that were summarized in the phrase “I wish but I cannot”! Extrusion and digital technique reinvent tradition giving “new blood” to the project. The common denominator is the added value of uniqueness. Blue monocromatic compositions design on white basis “Melograno’s” future, the first born baby from their union. “What will he be when he grows up?” The Architect? The Stylist? The Poet? or The Artist?
One of the most classic shapes, the Provencal, is revisited with modern digital technology in wall and floor tile where the mix color/materia allows you to create mono or multi-colored puzzles depending on the design that you want to configure mixing and matching colors to taste.
Also known as “Battuto” or “Terrazzo” floor, the Cocciopesto, used since the ancient Greece, has reached its celebrity in Italy through the roman dominion. We wanted to pay tribute to it trying to respect its noble origins, with an interpretation as close as possible to reality, blending the digital HD technique with the material. The results are 4 base colours where we matched some resins, in order to lend contemporary and offer different matching suggestions to the monochromatic floor. Two-coloured or multi-coloured, mixture of surfaces and drawings, this is the Cocciopesto in our time, which is looking at the future but admiring the past.