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The Rise of Wood Effect Tiles
The wood-effect tile has been rising in popularity as more home owners are looking at a Scandinavian, post-industrial or mid-Century interior design.
Demystifying the Homogeneous Tile
Shopping for tiles can be difficult as the industry jargons can be pretty confusing. Often, one is asked to look for a homogeneous tile for their home. But what exactly is a homogeneous tile?
The Gentle Beauty
Sleek, harmonious contours are combined with smooth, rounded surfaces for Amba. The flow of water from this Kludi mixer is wonderfully gentle, every touch is a sensory experience.
Kite: Elongated Hexagon Tile
Kite elongated hexagon tile collection - Original geometry with 7 colours (White, light grey, dark grey, black, gesso, caramel, taupe) and decor.
5 Tile Alternatives to Concrete Screed Floors
The Industrial theme for home interiors have been gaining popularity in Singapore and is not going away anytime soon. The concrete screed floor is thus essential to this theme but if you are worried about impending cracklines due to expansion and contraction, why not tiles? Here are 5 concrete effect tile alternatives to achieve the same grunge look!
A beautiful feature wall can complement and make a room stand out. Here are our tile ideas in bringing the best out of your walls!
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The Dunas tile collection is a matt finish decorative wall tile. Mantille The Dunas Mantille tile can be used alone as a feature wall or complemented with the rest of the Dunas collection. Individual tiles with different designs mixed in boxes - 14 designs in total.
Cento per Cento
One hundred years on from the start of tile production, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, with is ImolaCeramica brand, brings you a collection that is retro in a modern way: Cento per Cento. A collection that is a treat for the senses, 3D and inspiring. It brings to mind the past and the company’s century old tradition – starting with 12 x 18 cm size – suitable for many areas. Majolica, the raw material used, is modelled into varied structures and touched by light. The resulting atmosphere is simple but sophisticated. A fashionable collection, with a new take on an old look.
Blend tiles are an original proposition for minimalist, modern interiors. Available in 30 x 60 cm format.
Grove brings life to your space. With its attractive colour shades variation, you can create environments full of life and modernity.
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