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0932 Design Consultants
Currently based in Singapore, 0932 Design Consultants is an architectural and interior design practice formally founded in twenty eleven.

Here at 0932, the company founders Mr Low Chee Khiang and Mr Roystern Goh continue to personally helm each design project - tailoring every experience into unique spaces for each client.

Their rigorous design methodology and processes have been applied to private residences, retail malls, spas, resorts, hotels, service apartments and condominium developments. These properties may be found in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and China.
James Koh, Founder and Principal Designer, of 19sixtyseven started his career in advertising with the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and TBWATequila. Subsequently he decided to go on to head and executive search firm specializing in the marketing, communication and creative arena. One could say that James has always worked with, and has been surrounded by some of the best and brightest minds in the advertising arena.

After more than 17 years in the corporate world, James decided to take the leap and start 19sixtyseven. His work on Leith Park and Sea Avenue had been featured in an 8-page spread by local magazine, Squarerooms, and had received favourable reviews. After much encouragement from his peers and a local magazine editor, James decided to apply his keen eye for design to the field of interior design.
2Form Interior Design
At 2Form Interior Design, we redefine the notion of design. Founded on the core values of marrying pragmatism and elegance, we hope to address your design needs. The beauty of our business lies in simplicity and designing a space that works for our clients.

With your vivid ideas, we will conceptualize a space for you – adhering to the architechure, but at the same time boasting your unique character. Each of our design is distinct and perceptive, reflecting a timeless charm that does not age with the years.

Methodical, intricate and uncompromising, we promise to resurrect dormancy, revealing the charisma of the space. Breaking down the heavy tones and sharp contours of the room, we create stylish yet functional living and working spaces.
2nd Phase Design
Your needs and concerns form our core responsibility, and we place our utmost attention to the finest details when conceptualising on your requirements.

We offer a complete solution for all interior spaces, and strongly believe that an ideal interior space is harmonised on the balance of man and the nature.

Projects it has undertaken range from residential projects like HDB, condominium apartments, landed properties and commercial projects like retail outlets, offices and industry factories etc. We also boost of our own carpentry workshop. With it, we can provide more personalised service to homeowners and can achieve better control in terms of quality.

We are here to cater to your needs and maintain a strict policy that no project is too small to undertake not too big to handle and that the highest level of service rendered shall remain consistent on all projects that are handled by us.
4Mation ID
At 4Mation ID Pte Ltd, we strive to provide the most sincere and personalized service with solutions to deliver your dream home into realisation.

We are always ready to walk with you right from the start, through the renovation journey and until the handover of project.
9 Degree
As designers, we believe that our goal is to make your dream home a reality.

Even though we have been in the interior design industry since 1990, we are constantly learning, experimenting and developing. That’s what makes us different.

We have been known to merge current design trends with our customers’
ideas and adding a dash of our own distinct design character to create a unique space.

We understand that in a world like ours, design and technology go hand-in-hand. Our designs are carefully conceptualised to fuse the latest technology, creating the environment you desire.

We pride ourselves on our residential projects, from Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats to private properties. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the desire and pride of acquiring the dream home.

We at 9 Degree have only one aim: To ensure you get the home you have always been dreaming of.
A.MAX PTE LTD is an established company since February 2004. The nature of the business is to perform renovation and fitting out works to retail shops, restaurants, MNC’s offices, banks, education centers, clinics and hospitals.

The company stresses a lot on good project management cost savings matters and high workmanship quality with a quick response to after sales services.
A. max has in-house carpentry, furniture fabrications and metal works.
We put pride also to our skilled, in-house and experienced team who are highly trained in plumbing, painting, electrical, drywall partition, wet works and general addition & alteration and renovations.
A Solid Plan
Asolidplan is both a belief and a vision.

Asolidplan is built on the belief that all good design stems from a well conceived plan. We are obsessed in design that provokes, questions, pushes limits, without compromising on durability, functionality or integrity of our work. We believe we can go furthest the distance for the simplest idea, to evoke the fullest spatial experience that one can relate to their built environment.

Asolidplan is confident of delivering the vision through a strong collaboration with multidisciplinary designers, artists, builders, clients and various consultants. With a wide exposure to various scale of projects, we are capable in multiple building typology and big-scale master planning. The ability to transverse all scales allow us an in-depth understanding of all layers of requirements, which enable us to deliver a bespoke design solution to your everyday needs.
AC Vision Design
What is that our customers want? This is the question we constantly ask ourselves as we endeavor to understand and meet our customers' needs. For some homeowners, it's creativity, and for others, it's a home that responds to contemporary living.

Whatever it is, we constantly adapt ourselves to provide the solutions our clients need. The ever-growing team of sales consultants and in-house designers in our showroom is always ready to provide assistance to our customers and the projects we undertake.

Having honed our expertise in both the commercial and residential fields, we continue to strive to offer even better service with our E-care department aiding in providing after-sales service. This value-added service ensures that our customers are followed up on even after their projects are completed.

Ultimately, we aim to provide homes that would exceed the customer's expectations; a homes that would speak of their personality.
AGnS Design & Trade
AGnS Design & Trade is a multi-faceted creative consultancy and renovation company with a wide spectrum of experience. Our practice provides a comprehensive architectural and interior design service for residential, commercial and hospitality properties. Our experienced team is led by experienced experts from the fields of decorative and structural design. We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients for a personalised service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard.
Aart Boxx
Aart Boxx Interior began with the philosophy to provide solutions & ideas to make boring shoe Boxx houses Aartistic. That is how the company name is derived.

The outfit offers interior design and 3D drafting services. Our projects range from HDB, Condominium, Landed Houses to Commercial Space. Always believing in design out of lifestyle; simplicity and functionality are the key words to our company vision.

“Transforming a box into your dream art is never too difficult.”

Aart Boxx Interior offers high standards of excellence in its creative and unique design services, and boasts a highly skilled and professional project team who transforms the designs into reality at an affordable cost.
ABSOLOOK specializes in interior design for residential and commercial properties. Based in Singapore, we have furnished clients with exquisite design services since 2010. Our highly dedicated and experienced designers offer space planning and allocation, along with 3D perspectives for lavish homes and offices. With years of extensive industry experience, our directors have effectively tackled a number of high-end renovations with long lasting results. Whether it’s home remodeling, renovation, or simple upgrades, our interior design services can truly capture the allure and essence of any room. With cutting-edge techniques and quality design materials, we can truly turn your dreams into reality. ABSOLOOK handles each project as if it was our own, and monitors every aspect of the job from start to finish. With true dedication and a touch of class, let us enhance and accentuate your home or office interiors today!
Ace Space Design
We are a team of driven, ambitious, and experienced interior designers who pride ourselves on our ability to conceptualise and implement innovative design solutions that create beautiful yet practical living spaces for our clients.
We listen to your needs, and we seek to solve your problems. With years of experience in a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects, both large-scale and small-scale, you can count on us to solve your design and space-planning problems effectively, and with style. Our services range from complete refurbishment to interior decoration of individual rooms, space planning, lighting design, bespoke furniture, and bathroom and kitchen design.
At Ace Space Design, we dream a lot. But we do not just stop there – we chase our dreams vehemently. We go all out to make our big ideas happen. That is the ACE spirit that defines us – a spirit of Aesthetics,Creation, and Excellence.
Acu (1955) Contract Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999 and re-focused its business into interior renovation works that involve interior designing, planning and project management, including all types of ceilings, partitions, interfacing wet works to all custom made built in furniture, timber trellis and loose furniture etc.
With emphasis on innovation, quality, management process an value proposition, we grew at a significant 48% CAGR over the last five years.
Our team of Project Managers and carpenters are experience in projects of various magnitudes ranging from small to mega scale projects, such as commercial projects, private residential projects and government projects.
AD. I. WRKS is a 360 creative architecture / interior design company that believes that every client and business deserves not only design but good design. Our persistency in good design ensures that every project is unique and requires different approach in design. Armed with not only with the right knowledge, but also the right attitude, allow us to design and execute projects efficiently and effectively, creating a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.

AD. I. WRKS aims to achieve interior spaces with design that are not only of sophisticated form, but are refined in detail and concerned with bringing the qualities of the client personality and individual brand into the design and project.
Add Space Design
Established since 1978, ADD SPACE DESIGN PTE LTD has since become a leading Corporate and International awarded ISO Interior Design Firm.

This is a further reinforced by our ISO certification and number of accolades we have received as a dedicated HDB licensed contractor.

Being accredited members of Case Trust, RADAC; Singapore Furniture Association and RCMA, you can trust our professional nature to deliver a truly dream home where you never want to leave for work ever again.

To ensure our customers a unique and quality experience, we adopt the One Man Operations Work System (OMO), where individual customers will receive focused attention by our design consultant. They are there to assist the home owners with requirements such as space planning and design consultant, financial assistance on credit facilities, right down to project management and coordination of renovation workflow.
Aiden T
The wish to create a home, a place filled with love and happy memories of a life well lived, is the starting point of all interior projects. This means, when it comes to decorating each space, it is essential to have a bespoke design to enhance this living experience. Rather than just follow the whims of a given decorative style, Aiden T. designed homes inspire and offer the opportunity to live life to the fullest.
Aims Scopo International
Aims Scopo International is a multidisciplinary design practice offering servies encompassing all aspects of space planning, design conceptualization and project management. It satisfies both the corporate and residential clientele with all phases of master planning till handover.

The focus of our practice is to manage the design and implementation process through the active involvement of experienced designers and technical specialists supported by computer-based systems for programming facility requirements, cost and the time control, asset managment and relentless commitment.
Altered Interior
Our Story first began in 1998, when the outfit was merely a three-man show operated from a share office in Alexander Village. Within less than a year, we doubled our revenues and moved to our a premise at Chinatown, where our ideas and passion are put into actions. Since then, we’ve grown from strength to strength, winning recognition and keen support from our valued clients, which again lead to our expansion to a bigger office in Tank Road (opp UE Square). Enthusiasm and passion rules our values as we believe these are the critical engines that spark great designing ideas. We are adventurous with our ideas and sometimes bring creativity to the extreme that lands us as trendsetters; our designs are of aesthetic brilliance well-balanced with practical ingenuity. That’s why our clients are always enthralled as we’ve recreated space that clearly defines and meets their lifestyle and experience objectives.
Andreas Sugianto Archterior
In Andreas Sugianto Archterior, we believe in good designs, that they require comprehension and appreciation of self and all its elements. It is where a fine taste meets its honest expectation of space in a correct proportion and proper execution that is beyond average, despite the constant human elements in the progress.

We believe that the objective of design is to showcase one's life within one's boundary. And it is our duty to properly shape its concept and style, therefor we do not owe ourself to one particular design style. This is how we satisfy our clients.
Ansana is a premium Best Interior Design Company in Singapore dedicated in creating striking interiors – commercial and residential – that engage the senses. More than just prescribing a language of style be it classical, modern or contemporary, Ansana puts the interests of the homeowner first. The designers are able to capture the homeowner's way of living and translate that into spatial ideas that offer practicality, comfort and cosiness.

Its 4,000-square-foot showroom displays a veritable trove of objects and arts sourced from Asian and beyond – a definite nod to the firm's penchant for all things beautiful and unusual. Interior designers provide superior design ideas in fulfilling one's dream. A successful interior designer is one who is passionate about his work and provides a perfect finish to his job.
Arc Define
Arc Define is an interior firm backed by years of experience. Our services include space planning and project management as well as additions and alterations for residential, commercial and turnkey projects. The designers at Arc Define make it a point to go one step further to exceed expectations.
Arc Space Design
Arc Space Design is the first step towards making your dream home into a reality. For over 20 years, we have been designing, renovating and creating exquisite, sensible living spaces, whether they are for residences or business establishments.

At Arc Space Design, we specialise in one crucial element - YOU, the customer. Our masterpieces are crafted with your active involvement, infused with your design ideas and carefully built specifically with your needs and requirements in mind. It is our ultimate goal to create spaces that are brilliant reflections of its dwellers – reflecting your lifestyle, your preferences and your unique needs. We take pride in the high quality services we offer to a spectrum of clientele, customising designs to suit a wide assortment of requirements.
Architology is a design consultancy that serves its clients based on their individual level of needs. From Interior Design to Branding, it processes every brief uniquely and offers design interventions that are tailored to each context based on the values of Boldness, Elegance, Purity and Livability. Architology currently undertakes interior design projects that span the range of Hospitality, Commercial, Community, Office and Residential projects. It sets no limits to the range of work it seeks to apply itself to, as long as it approaches each brief rigorously with clear and convincing design thinking.
Arete Culture
Established in 2010, Arete Culture is an interior decorating firm specialising in fast, affordable, and fuss-free home makeovers. We believe in creating beautiful and functional spaces that clients can feel at home in.

In addition to our styling services, Arete Culture also operates two retail stores comprising a wide range of soft furnishings. As a leading interiors retailer, Arete Culture has built its own collection of furnishings based on what clients commonly look for. From original artwork and artisan-made carpets to silk duvets and handmade centrepieces, our store offers an extensive range of home accessories at affordable prices.
Arte Living
Arte Living Design Studio specializes in private residential housing such as apartments, condominiums houses and commercial properties. Their services include:
• Creative home designs
• Space planning and usage efficiency
• Total project management
• Supply and fabrication of tailor-made furnishings
• Pre-renovation work statutory applications
• Home furnishing installation work
Artisan Space
Incorporated in 2013, Artisan Space Pte Ltd is a new startup and managed by industry professionals who had been in the industry for more than 10 years. Our strong team of designers possess years of experience in Interior Design, Space Planning and 3D Visualisation for HDB, Private Property, Commercial as well as Retail Outlets. You can relax in the back seat while we churn out your ideal living space.
We believe in listening and connecting with our clients so that liveable spaces are designed based on their requirements without any compromise on the aesthetics. This is what we’re best at.
Artist Room
We are a design studio that varies our interest very much in the interior environment. Founded since 2008, we have been customizing functional interior spaces to suit our clients' needs. We design, develop and assist clients during the entire process to ensure that functionality, design and construction go cohesive together. Ensuring clients select the right space planning, colours, materials and interior fittings to create the environment.
Artrend Design
Artrend Design is best described a motley crew dedicated to creating smart spaces for the new world.

With a storied history of thirty years, we have undergone development aplenty, and as an evolutionary response established ourselves as the most adaptive interior design establishment in Singapore that takes charge from start to finish - even having our very own factories to produce bespoke woodwork.

Having evolved the spaces of collectively over 12,000 homes and 40,000 sqm in commercial spaces to date, Artrend Design serves to continue our mission to be the first choice in interior renovation for our people.
Atelier Concept
Atelier stands for Excellence, Reliability and Innovation with Quality interior design providing clients with Peace of Mind. Though Atelier Concept might be a very young company compared to many, with experienced employees dedicated to offering professional services and equipped leaders at the helm, you can find all your solutions at Atelier Concept Pte Ltd, on any problems or doubts about your home or office.
Atelier Tang
Established in 2008, ATELIER Tang embodies the 21st century design and construction firm that embraces our ever-changing landscape and is constantly challenging design conventions.

We enhance our core divisions in design, Project Management, M&E (ATA Engineering) and Fabrication (AT Carpentry) by capitalising on our combined experience spanning hundreds of projects.

Going against the industrial zeitgeist emphasizing consistency and rigid ideals, we are passionate revolutionaries seeking to distinguish ourselves through our interpretation of each project. In this volatile landscape, we do not succumb to the comforts of conformity and trends.

Acknowledging that each project is as unique as our clientele themselves, we offer each a declaration of our full commitment, and a promise that we are prepared to embrace novelty and the unorthodox to fulfil the realization of their visions.
Baroque D.zign
At Baroque D.zign, we have the expertise and factory back-up to design and build your dream home to your expectations. We help to tailor-make your home with your values and your needs. Our company has been in this renovation business since 1975.

We are confident in our material qualities and workmanship so all projects done by us comes with a warranty of workmanship and after sales service for 5 years.
Black N White House
We are an Interior design boutique delivering exquisite design and build services in interior design. Established with a passion and commitment to develop exhilarating designs, we also differentiate ourselves with a focus on fine detailing work. Black N White House strives to provide clients with exquisite designs, customised accent pieces, personalised services to create eternal spaces. We take pride in delivering quality results while strictly observing our client's budget and timeline.
Blackjack Interior
Blackjack interior – a company which is set up by a team of experienced, dedicated and creative individuals.

Keeping every client’s best interest in our minds and focusing on customer’s satisfaction have always been our company’s top priorities. We recognise the importance of a home to our client. Therefore, our company aims to launch new and attractive promotion packages bi-annually- so that our clients will enjoy the best renovation offers always.

Professional kitchen, space planning services, project management and complete decorating services include custom furniture and curtains are available.

We will provide our professional contractors to work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly with the shortest possible time and still achieve great results.
Boon Siew D'sign
With 25 years of existence, is an experienced agency that offers innovative and superb interior designing services. It has handled both residential and commercial projects and has gained popularity through remarkable outputs. BSD-Sign has made it in the front pages of numerous publications- locally and internationally. The company has been featured in Vitrine, DCRS, designers of choice and others. It has also been a recipient of prestigious awards like Asia Pacific Brand Awards by Asia Business Journal. These exposures and accolades make BSD-Sign a favored interior designer in Singapore.
Box. ID Studio Studio is an Interior Design & Space Planning firm in Singapore and was established in the year 2000. They began with the philosophy to provide solutions to make space more livable.

Led by Principle Designer Jeremy Lee, the outfit offers interior design and construction services. Our projects range from Apartment, Condominium, Landed Houses to Commercial Space. Studio attention to details, clean lines, selection of materials and space planning strike a perfect chord of balance between design and functionality – creating environments that affect the way your work, live and play.
Brilliant Design Works
Brilliant Design Works adopts a design philosophy of creating elegant, modern classic interiors which reflects individuals' lifestyles and personalities. We have the capabilities to cater to all designs and construction projects of different sizes and budget. We commit ourselves to listen, discuss and consult our clients throughout the entire interior design process - from planning to design, 3D drawing to fabrication and lastly development. Brilliant Design Works consistently strives for design excellence, while maintaining practical creativity and are driven to deliver high levels of customer service to each client.
Butler Interior
We are a group of passionate interior designers providing one stop hassle free interior services for our client. Just like a "Butler" we pledge to serve with commitment and delications.

Generation after generations, Butler Interior is devoted to grant you your dream home with the most affordable cost possible.

Wait no more! Come on down and be served by our "Butler" for a discussion on your dream home.
CUbE Associate Design
CUbE Associate Design Pte Ltd, established in 1988 by Design Director Sarah Tham, is a design consultancy firm that specialises in providing creative and practical design solutions.

CUbE offers the full range of interior design consultancy services from initial space planning and design through construction documents and construction administration.

The company has won numerous awards in the design field including Winner for SIDS Nippon “Colour My World” 2003 distinction awards and Home & Décor “Home of the Year 2000” award.

Always looking for breakthrough and yet practical designs, CUbE has found a niche in the market as being a “space oriented” design company. Reliability and customer’s satisfaction are never compromised when CUbE engages into any projects regardless of scale.

See is believing…
Cactus Art Design & Furnishing
From rather humble beginnings to an award-winning Interior Design firm over 20 year period, Cactus Art has gone from strength to strength.

Cactus Art – Leading Corporate Interior Designers In Singapore specialized in Office Space Planning Interior Design and Commercial Interior Design in Singapore, was founded in 1993 and swiftly established itself amongst the ranks of quality Interior Designers in Singapore. Since then we have gone from strength to strength and now are ISO 9001 accredited. We have proven our quality time and time again across a myriad interior design projects in the past 20 years. This is easily corroborated by the two prestigious awards won by our team for their excellence – Successful Entrepreneur 2010 and Singapore Brands 2011.
Chapter B
At Chapter B, we’ve got it figured out. Your home should reflect your life. Your designers should be both fun and fresh. The end result should be exceptional design that is not just about luxury, but a gorgeous necessity fitting your lifestyle.
Chapter One Interior Design
Founded by John Lau, his approach to design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry and differentiation. He is constantly seeking to find innovative design solution arising out of the constraints from negotiating clients’ needs.

John believes that renovating houses is a process that is enjoyable and memorable to all clients. John takes time to listen and understand your needs and wants for every given space and finally arrive with a concept design.

At Chapter One Interior Design, we enjoy the community where we live and its shows through our works. We listen to our clients and help them to create a style that is right for them and the environment. We help to educate our clients about products available that will create the best end result.
Classic Ideas
Founded more than 20 years ago, Classic Ideas is a market leader in Singapore for home renovation and interior design. Staffed by over 120 trained and experienced personnel, Classic Ideas has a 1,500 sq.m factory and three showrooms, each over 500 sq.m. The main reasons for our growth throughout our many years in business are the trust that we have gained from our clients through our skilled team workers and consultants.
Collective Designs
Collective Designs Pte Ltd is a boutique interior design company established in 1991 by its Founder & Principal Designer, Selina Tay.

Widely featured in leading interior design publications in Singapore and regionally, Collective Designs has become synonymous with an aesthetic of elegant simplicity. Simultaneously, each project reflects a keen eye for efficient and practical space planning.

A strong focus on quality workmanship and design integrity while keeping with a client’s vision has always been Collective Designs philosophy. It has grown from conceptualising boutique homes in Singapore to crafting luxury homes around the world.

Today, its repertoire includes project management, design & build and commercial projects. Collective Designs is accredited by the Interior Design Federation of Singapore.
Colourbox Interior
At Colourbox, an established interior design company which is ready to serve your requirements from conceptualizing to producing the end product. It has helped a lot of couples, families and business owners to build their homes and offices of their dreams.

We provide expert advice, backed by our extensive knowledge of current trends and our unique insights into future trends in the world of design. Our network of diverse and reliable contacts in the design industry will ensure that the construction of your homes and offices are of the utmost quality.
Concept Elements
Concept Elements started as a sole-proprietorship on 11 March 2004 and within a few years on 1st September 2007, we incorporated as a Private Limited Company.

We are an Interior Design & Build and Project Management Company. We pride ourselves with shining track record. Our Design Team has wealth of knowledge to conceptualize, design, providing space planning, detailed construction drawings and 3D drawing proposals that are creative and functional. Our dedicated Sales Team is equipped with the knowledge of project management, distinguished by their technical expertise and their attentiveness to work details, ensuring that our clients receives the most effective and professional service. Being service-oriented company, we provide personalized service to suit individual clients, from consultancy and proposal stage, during the process of the execution of work and till handing over, we provide quality workmanship and cost effective solutions with the best value for money for our clients.
Corazon Interior
At Corazon Interior, we listen, understand & pay attention to every detail of client’s wants & needs in order to fulfil for their dream home. Interior design is about maximising the space and most importantly, the heart and effort puts in when space planning.
Cozy Ideas
With our passion for interior design and keen eye for details, we have transformed countless apartments and houses into the finest homes.

Cozy Ideas has established reputation for the best service and highest quality interior design, and word of mouth recommendations are our best advertisement. Clients have many praises for our ability to translate their individual style and ideas into well designed and visually appealing spaces. Our best satisfaction is a delighted client and we take pleasure in providing exceptional service coupled with quality products and innovative designs.

Our team take cares of every detail, with our extensive knowledge, experience and contacts; you will be ensured the smooth running of your project, whether it’s building, renovating or decorating. Quality is key element and Cozy Ideas has gathered a strong team of talented and reliable designers, manufacturers and suppliers.
Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle P/L is an interior design consultancy in Singapore devoted to the creation of a unique lifestyle experience for our clients. Thanks to years of experience in sales, interior design and project management, we are adequately-equipped to be your trusted partner in ensuring a comfortable and satisfying journey while we carry out the creation of your new home, condo, retail store or office. Our interior design firm comes with a whole team of experienced and friendly sales and design consultants committed to providing interior design expertise and services according to the individual client’s needs. On taking all these factors into account, it is easy to understand why we are considered to be one of the best interior design companies in Singapore.
Cubetopia is a specialist interior design consultancy for residential and commercial properties. Our projects range from apartments, condominiums and landed properties to high end retail shops, restaurants, boutiques and offices. We have 2 divisions consisting of separate sales and design teams who specialize and focus either on residential or commercial projects only - in order to better understand and master every single aspect of each area. These teams however share a common passion – to transform any residential or commercial project into unique and astounding designs. Unlike most ID consultancies, we do not rely on third party contractors as we have our own in-house carpentry workshop which handles each and every customised piece of carpentry work for our clients. With over 20 years of expertise in our carpentry work, we ensure that all our projects are finished to the highest standards of quality and fine carpentry workmanship.
Cyrus Creation
As a company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness. The final design ensures a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly a functional space for our clients. We recognize that the most important element in our designs is the people who use them in the end.

With over a decade of experience in the design industry, our company maintains close relationships with top quality suppliers, fine artisans, and the most skilled sub-contractors. Our design experience and knowledge make the entire Cyrus Creations team invaluable to our clients.

Axcel Yeo is the driving force behind Cyrus Creations. His passion for interior design, art, fashion and his talent for merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments.
D'Atlaz Interior
At D’ATLAZ INTERIOR, we build an excellent lifestyle experience for each customer that exudes their personality, family and way of life in every design.

We pride ourselves in delivering cost-effective interior design solutions that embodies excellent service & high quality works to our customer’s spaces regardless of a project’s budget or scope.

In every space that we design…
• Its a reflection of your unique artistic expression
• Its a place of sensual relaxation and tranquillity
• Most notably a place you can take pride in
D'Esprit Interiors
D’Esprit Interiors
D’Esprit is an interior consultancy specializing in interior architectural design & decoration. Founded in 1978, the company has gained a solid reputation based on commitment to quality, attention to detail & technical proficiency.
We assure you receive the most appropriate design & highest quality with the very minimum of description.
D'Initial Concept
It is an everlasting witness of your precious moments with your loved ones and your life’s turning points. Thus, engage our expertise to help you enhance your initial ideas into reality!

We understand how exciting it is in wanting, and yet overwhelming it can get, in deciding on the best design for your dream home. With D’Initial Concept, you can leave these time consuming tasks into the good hands of our vast-experienced designing experts, who not only the ways to exclusive designs, but also be able to provide you with a unique style with our personal touch that meets your needs and fathom you look for in life.

Our biggest joy and satisfaction comes from the smiles of our most valuable home owners whenever beams of quality are evident in their dream homes. This is our mission!
D'Marvel Scale
D’ Marvel Scale has been established as a multi-disciplinary design company in Singapore. We place a lot of emphasis on scale and proportion as we put our utmost efforts to control our perspectives; giving the most effective and functional space solutions. We pay attention to all details and provide technical solutions for every project.

Our team has over 20 years of industry experience and come from various design disciplines, we strive to work closely and bring rich experiences and expertise to every project.
D'Perception Ritz
D'Perception Ritz is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design firm known for conceptualising unique and engaging interiors and exteriors in the residential, hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors. Their designs have won many awards, including the Singapore Good Design Mark 2015 & 2014, the Built Environment Industry Asia Award 2013 and the Singapore Design Award 2013. Integrating art, architecture, form and function to enable end users to meld their lifestyle and workflow with the built environment, their designs have been featured extensively in local and regional publications like FORM, Home & Decor, Metropolitan Home, Square Rooms, the Straits Times Lifestyle and the Business Times. Collaborating with social agencies, developers, architects, government authorities, property management agents, quantity surveyors and stake holders, D'Perception Ritz provide end-to-end design and build solutions through active listening, perceptive conception and meticulous implementation.
Established in Singapore since 1991, we design aesthetic strategies for corporate offices, retail premises and hospitality establishments. Our steady growth has led to regional offices in China, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Integrating the client's brand and business strategy, we place great emphasis on staff comfort, productivity and technology to bring projects to fruition and build a stronger working relationship with the client.

We focus as much on functionality as we do on innovative design, seeking always to go beyond expectations.
D' Planner Pte Ltd is an interior design firm known for its refined and innovative approach to concepts that suit every client's unique personality, special requirements and finance.

With a team of more than 10 years of expertise in the industry, we specialize in residential and commercial interior design. Since the company's inception, our dedicated designers have proven that every interior is as unique as each client and ensured that every project reaches its highest potential within its space.
D'trax Design
D’trax Design Pte Ltd, established since 2003, with experiences and passion for interior design of three individuals. The integration of their skills has seen the company grow with gained experiences with every project undertaken. Thus with synergies competence and a team of Interior Designers, Project Management and Administration personnel, D’trax is able to offer a complete Interior Design Consultancy and Design & Built services.
D5 Studio Image
D5 Studio Image is a young and energetic company. Our company comprises a group of dynamic, devoted and fully qualified interior designers. We listen to your needs; help tailor your dream home into a reality. We will be involved in every stage of our working relationship, making our partnership a happy and successful one, resulting in your dream nest. At D5 Studio Image, we treat every project with pride and dignity. With our expertise and professionalism, you can be rest assured you have come to the right firm, making us the right choice.
DISTINCTidENTITY specialises in providing outstanding design services for retail, commercial, residential and leisure spaces throughout Singapore and Asia.
We are a dedicated team of creative designers who take pride in our work.
We work closely with clients through all levels of the design process in order to reduce costs without compromising on quality and aesthetics.
We believe in providing quality customer service.
Dan's Workshop
Headed by Dan Wu, the designs of Dan's Workshop reflect his philosophy of simplicity and quality. Dan has over 12 years of experience in interior design and he completed more than 100 projects. No matter the type of project, clients always come first. That is why Dan's designs never fail to reflect the explicit requests and implicit characters of his clients.

Dan's designs are not trends-driven. Rather, they are stylistic manifestations of his clients' lifestyles and personalities. Tremendous effort is put into understanding them and their visions for their dream homes. Details are also central to his work, little things that transform houses, into homes.

Other than interior design, Dan's Workshop also provides space planning, custom fabrication, project management, homestyling and personal shopping services.
Darwin Interior
Darwin Interior thrives amidst the cutthroat Singapore Interior Design Industry. Specializing in residential, commercial, project management, space planning, carpentry fabrication and concept design, they have earned the trust of numerous customers through their fresh concepts and commitment to quality.

They are known to put the customer's needs and requirements as their paramount consideration. From the conceptualization up until the conclusion, their dedicated staff assists the clients in achieving the latter's dream homes. Be it a simple design or a massive renovation, Darwin Interior has the experience and expertise for each client's varying needs. For them, quality is all about meeting the clientele's desires – and there is no better gauge for "quality" than each client’s level of satisfaction.
De Chevron
De Chevron is a professional interior design company which specializes in providing interior design consultation and fitting-out services for residential, commercial and landed properties.

We are a group of creative and responsive designers who deliver consultancy advises and designs that are aesthetical and yet practical, dynamic yet functional and most of all, timely completion and at reasonable budget.

Our designers are updated with contemporary innovative plans to cater the needs of our vast client. Our priority is clients's satisfaction & we strive to be the best in eclectic interior design.
De Exclusive Interior Group
De Exclusive Interior Group was established in 1996.With over a decade of experience under our belt, we have withstood the test of time, and other challenges to be amongst the top interior-designing firms in Singapore. We have since expanded rapidly, and can boast of a professional team of designers and craftsmen, who are all more than capable of whipping up tasteful designs and high-quality work.
De Style
De Style Interior has steadfastly proven their creative spirit and professionalism with design and construct projects that flawlessly integrate functionality with an aesthetic sense. We focus on creating a strong rapport with clients, listening closely to their ideas and developing concepts based on each unique need.

De Style has successfully completed residential, design and construct projects and also showcases an impressive commercial portfolio. Furthermore, with a proficient and experienced team of interior design connoisseurs, clients are assured of the highest quality output.

De Style Interior endeavors to improve by keeping up with the latest developments in design, renovation and reconstruction.”
Department of Design
Department of Design is a design studio that works on a wide spectrum of design projects, from interior design to architectural. We are a dynamic design studio, working on projects range from offices, residential houses and show flats.
• We strongly emphasize the creative process, project management and especially client service
• Provide our clients with service with creative innovation design solutions and holistic experiences
• We distinguish our work with a fanatical attention to detail and a commitment to the highest quality standards through creative solution in keeping with our clients’ budget and time frame during all phases of the design process.
• Create interiors that reflect our client’s personality and lifestyle, by capturing their design dreams and making them a reality
Design Collective Studio
Design Collective Studio is a boutique interior design firm that specializes in both residential and commercial projects, focusing on holistic spatial experiences.

Established in 2011, DCS prides itself as a multi- disciplinary interior design firm that integrates conceptual design solutions, space planning and function, to create timeless spaces.

Consisting of a unique group of creative individuals, we offer services in architecture, interior design, space planning and project management.
Design Intervention
Design Intervention is an International Design Studio based in Singapore, helmed by partners, Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage. Over the past few years, our work has won awards and accolades across the full spectrum of the design field including, retail, leisure, architectural , product and interior design, firmly establishing ourselves as one of the leading design studios working in Asia today. We believe that good design improves quality of life, affects mood and invokes a sense of well being. Our mission is to enhance the lives of our clients by creating homes that are uniquely tailored to their lifestyle, aspirations and personalities. Our team of 24 is made up of 12 different nationalities – each bringing their own unique experience to the Design Intervention team ensuring our projects resonate a global prospective. At Design Intervention, we recognize that design, just like love, is a subjective concept. What is comfortable or beautiful to one person may differ greatly to the next. Good design is as much about psychology as it is about beauty – Understanding what soothes each individual client is the key to our design process. We believe that design is 25% creativity 25% psychology and 50% organisation and hard work, this is the Design Intervention philosophy.
Design Rebirth
Founding members Khoon Wah and Victor both have one thing in common; their love and desire to create living spaces that hold truth to form and function. One can never do without the other. both are adamant that the pure foundation of design lies on the boundary of function. However, function should come with the luxury of beautiful forms, something which is totally undeniable. Victor and Khoon Wah live and breath with that ideal in mind. Most importantly, ‘keeping an open mind’ and always questioning possibilities are the other guiding principles in design rebirth. Always learning, always sourcing and always a ‘work in progress’ for a designer’s life.
Designscale is an award-winning interior design firm incepted in 2002. Founded by 3 award-winning designers with relentless attention to details and insistence on good quality workmanship. Every interior project is a signature of the firm’s best. To date, our firm has completed more than 500 interior design projects. Our range of services includes space planning, design conceptualization, project construction and management. The diversity of our clients from regional countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia and China.

Operating as a full-fledged interior architecture and design firm, Designscale sets the scale for good design. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers strives to inject creativity into every space we work on.
Desire Houzz
Desire Houzz is an interior design company in Singapore which started on 8/8/2013. We provide the best designs for Residential and Commercial properties. As an interior design house, we aspire and desire to provide our clients (house owners) with quality workmanship and materials, reliable and professional design consultancy, space planning and project management. Desire Houzz’s team of experienced crew understands that each client’s need are different and unique.
We aspire to build a home that fulfils those needs and requirements. Desire Houzz is confident that we can assure you the highest degree of quality materials and workmanship as we have our own carpentry workshop in Singapore. Services provided – Interior Design and Project Management services for residential and commercial projects.
Diva's Interior Design
Diva’s Interior is a One-Stop Solution that specialize in providing innovative and high quality interior design, space planning and renovation consultations and services for both Residential and Commercial projects. With our experienced in-house designers, we provide consultation with affordable prices and will guide you through the process of your renovation. We also ensure that the after-service will be provided to all of our clients.
Our mission is to fulfill our clients’ desires by providing our professional and excellence service. We also thrives to ensure that our professional interior designers go through intensive training and upgrades to bring about highest standard of quality and innovative works to our clients.
Dream Creations Interior
Here at DreamCreations, we are not designing your home; we are Creating your Dream.
From architectural and interior design consultancy services to architectural visualization services, Dreammetal is a multidisciplinary studio that crafts every project based on each and every clients requirements and needs.
Dvulge Pte Ltd was formed in June 2006, by Gilbert Lim with the vision to:
• Provide quality and services of the highest standards
• Merge functionality with creativity
• Provide ideal design & construction solutions
Dwell Interior Design
DWELL is a full service interior design house with a clear focus on being at the forefront of interior architecture and design. Since it's inception in 2005, DWELL’S projects are regularly featured in leading interior design magazines and the press.
Dyel Design
Dyel believes in communication and care for clients, be it small or big projects. We design to deliver the best for everyone.

Believing in achieving the best quality, we utilise and work with a carefully selected pool of professional suppliers and manufacturers who deliver the finest materials from furniture to fabrics.

With experience in both the commercial and residential projects, our ranges of clients include hotels, restaurants, offices and bars to apartments, HDBs and landed properties.

At DYEL, we approach each project with an aim in mind and individuality. Design is our forte.
E & A Interiors
E & A Interiors is a Singapore based interior design studio founded in the summer of 2013 by Chloe Elkerton and Elizabeth Acland. We believe strongly in having a small working design team at E & A Interiors so that Chloe and Elizabeth can maintain focused management of each and every project. Our talented team of six currently comprises both designers and interior architects, with many years experience working for private clients on a wide range of residential and commercial projects. We build close relationships with our clients so that we can turn their hopes and visions into reality. We have sourced an exclusive library of fabrics, wallpapers and rugs from over thirty-five established and artisanal design houses throughout North America and Europe so that our clients have access to world class designs and top quality fabrics. Whether Chloe and Elizabeth are working on an apartment, landed house or holiday home, they will always serve the needs of every client with their passion for comfortable, unique homes that improve their clients way of life. Our work is regularly featured in Singapore's leading publications including The Straits Times, Singapore Tatler Homes, Home and Décor, The Business Times and Expat Living.
EDZ Interior Contracts
Established in 1996, EDZ specialise in interior architecture and fitting out works for the ever expanding refurbishment industry.
We operate as a Main Contractor in the delivery of interior refurbishment and contracts furnishing projects and operates from 2 manufacturing facilities in Singapore (Kranji) and West Malaysia (Johor Baru, Plentong).
Our commitment to excellence throughout the years have culminated into EDZ being awarded the Singapore 100 SME of the Year 2014 and SME 1000 Company (2014). We were then also awarded a place in the Singapore Promising SME 500 (2015) for our continued excellence in ID performance.
EDZ have been assessed and certified with the Quality/Occupational Health and safety Management System ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004.
EFR Design
At EFR Design & Build, we are both your reliable ID and trendy contractor, attuned to the latest in designs and interiors of residential and commercial properties, and in-sync with the needs and wants of the new-age-savvy.

Along with over 50 years of carpentry knowledge and skills hammered down three generations from our parent company Eastern Furniture & Renovation, we take pride not only in the entire interior design and consultation process, but also in the in-house fabrication and construction of the elements that fill up the spaces you call home.

In other words, we take care of everything personally. From research, concept generation, design and project management, to the carpentry, electrical and plumbing works.

That is how we assure you a final handover of quality work and a design vision brought to life.
EHKA Studio
EHKA Studio is led by husband and wife team Hsu Hsia Pin & Eunice Khoo. Both Hsia Pin and Eunice have worked under renowned award-winning firms, gathering design and project experience of 7 and 8 years respectively before setting up their own practice in 2011.

A a licensed architectural practice registered with Board of Architects Singapore, EHKA Studio provide full architectural services, including design consultancy, authority submissions, tender documentation and contract administration.

EHKA Studio pursues an approach of continuous exploration and logical clarity. Practical considerations like the program, the client's needs, constructability and the budget are carefully resolved and refined in a poetic solution that seeks to engage human perception
Earnest Designer & Project
Earnest Designer & Project Pte Ltd is in the business of creating commercial workspaces. While good looks are important in interior design, our team knows that the human needs of functionality and ergonomics must also be met. Mindful of these considerations, our approach to project management encompasses consultation and design, to delivery and after-sales services.

Our team is made up of experienced members who have undertaken projects with many prominent clients. We provide strong leadership and problem-solving skills to those whom we are called to serve. Earnest is defined by the integrity, passion and commitment to deliver nothing, but our best.
Earth Interior Design
Earth Interior Design Pte Ltd was founded on the principle of offering exceptional value in interior design services for businesses and private individuals. The company provides unparalleled quality of work and customer service at a competitive price.

Founded by the same partners of S&E Corporation Pte Ltd, which has been established since 2005, S&E has been one of the few approved trusted vendors of DSTA. They have been supplying aviation parts and life support items to much acclaimed clients, such as the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Air Force and the Singapore Navy.

S&E Corporation has always stood by a mission of being “Timely, Reliable and Competent”. These core values have worked wonders for them over the years, propelling them to being able to work hand in hand with the Singapore Government Defense Team & achieving trusted vendor status. Now implementing these same core values into a business model for Interior Design, along with a mission of being no-frills and assuring clients that there will never be any sneaky hidden cost in the billing, Earth Interior Design Pte Ltd was born with a slogan which encompasses all those qualities and more by just being “Down To Earth”.
Edge Interior
Edge Interior Pte Ltd provides one stop exquisite design and build services in Singapore. Established with passion and commitment to develop exhilarating design, we also differentiate ourselves with a focus on detailing works.

Together with years of experience, we implement our technical knowledge and keeping up with the latest materials into making designs that meet the demands of the individual clients. Our team will ensure coordination is in line together with timely delivery with the best quality. We take pride of our after sale services which provides owner a peace of mind.

It is always a pleasant surprise, a revelation and a wonderment at the new creation, which can only be captured from Edge Interior Pte Ltd.
Edgeline Planners
Established since 1998, Edgeline Planners Pte Ltd is a multi-disciplinary design firm that offers bespoken design consultancy and conceptualization. We have been widely recognized in interior design, as well as architectural reconstruction, in both commercial, and residential projects, encompassing private and public properties alike.

With a core team of qualified designers and experts in space planning, project management, renovation works and soft furnishings, we offer the right balance between design aesthetics and functionality, with a strong aspiration of transforming houses into homes.

Our thoughtful design, catering to each clientele, has gained recognition from numerous renowned local publications, catapulting Edgeline Planner’s reputation into a household name.

We strongly believe in sharing material knowledge and technical details with every clientele, fostering open communication and cultivating great relationships along the way. With more than a decade of experience and involvement in the industry, we bring distinctive design concepts to life, tailored to the way you live.
Eight Design
Our team has a strong passion for all things design, and takes pride working with a broad range of clients to help them achieve their dream interior. We have been offering exceptional services as an interior and renovation contractor in Singapore for more than 15 years, and have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to provide comprehensive solutions in a variety of contexts. From design and decoration to carpentry and renovation, we are a dynamic contractor that can deliver the best possible result for your commercial or domestic project. Our passionate team of creative designers will always put your needs first and will take care of you from start to finish including all planning, management and construction processes.
At eightytwo, no project is too small and no design is too big. Our expertise will help you create your dream home, bridging your ideas with reality. We take pride in presenting new, innovative ideas tailored to your requirements and maintaining the highest standards in design, quality and service.

If you are looking for differentiated designs/products, you will feel right at home with us, as we inject creativity with pragmatism to create stunning, yet functional designs. Turn your house into a home, your office into a haven, or bar into a design masterpiece with us. Feel at ease to leave your projects in our hands as we manage contractors, ensuring good time management, smooth execution and the highest workmanship.

These are our promises to our valued clients. Get in touch with us if you would like to see what we can offer.
Elementz Design Studio
Elementz Design Studio is an interior design & renovation company in Singapore that provides full spectrum in designing and custom building works.

At the helm of Elementz Design Studio is Mr Tommy Ong, a qualified professional and veteran in the interior renovation industry with more then 20 years of experience. Backed by several teams of professionals who go through intensive in-house training and upgrading programmes, you can be rest assured to expect nothing but the best quality in service and design.
Elliot James Interior
Elliot James Interiors was formed in 2012 and has grown into a successful and vibrant interior design business. The studio works on luxury residential and commercial projects in both Singapore and overseas. Its success is born from the dedication and experience of a talented team who work closely with their clients from concept to completion, delivering an exemplary service.
Elpis Interior Design
Elpis Interior has proven to be one of the design consultation service provider for residential project.

Teamwork, integrity, and excellence guide the selection of our clients, the relationships with our business partners, the recruitment of our team members, and the delivery of our services.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with everybody we deal with, be they a customer, an employee or of our many suppliers, we know that these people are what makes Elpis Interior great.
Facelift Design & Interiors
Facelift Design & Interiors LLP is a registered company that provides interior design consultancy/styling for residential and small commercial projects in Singapore. We are also known for our affordable room makeovers for homeowners, & interior styling work for corporate small businesses.
Established in 1999, Fahrenheit is a cross disciplinary design practice for commercial and residential spaces.

Developing designs and having close working relationships with our clients and fellow professionals are integral to our firm’s philosophy. Together we have helped our clients realise their visions with design solutions that are truly distinctive. More importantly, being practical and functional is the cornerstone to our aesthetically pleasing design language.

With a strong foothold in both the residential and commercial sectors, Fahrenheit has truly established itself as one of the innovative design house to churn out interesting and functional works, with a touch of creative flair.
Fide Living
FIDÉ Living is an interior design firm established in 2006. With a dedicated team of in-house designers, FIDE is able to deliver design and build projects with both form and function. Our extensive portfolio is the testament to our successful collaborations with our clients. Our portfolio ranges from a variety of private and public residential projects to F&B and commercial projects.
Fifth Avenue Interior
Fifth Avenue Interior is a local-based interior design firm specialising in custom residential and retail & office designs. As a full-service firm, all projects receive singular focus and attention to details, which carries a successful project from concept through completion.
Fineline Design
With its decade long experience in Design and Project Management, Fineline Design Pte Ltd is inspired and motivated to provide our clients with comprehensive turn key interior fit-out services for Residential, Commercial and Private Housing Re-construction projects in Singapore.
Flipside Design
Flipside’s close-knitted team of dedicated designers have a discerning eye for detail. Taking pride in the ability to excel and deliver beyond standards; never compromising in quality. We aim to provide our clientèle with the confidence and trust in our virtue of reliability.

We believe and advocate in functionality and ergonomically sound designs that are not just a pleasure to look at, but also enhances the ease and comfort in any abode. So why settle for the mundane? Putting our client’s needs first and foremost, our designers strive to fashion unique and distinct design proposals that satisfy even the most convoluted of tastes.
Flying Ideas
Flying Ideas is a responsible and well established interior design & renovation company. We began our business from a humble home office in 2002 and have worked with individuals and businesses of all sizes since then. We grow and thrive with positive words of mouth and strong recommendation. At Flying Ideas, we deliver our services with sincerity and integrity.

We work with our clients according to their preferences, needs and budget. We listen carefully and communicate clearly to achieve optimal balance between economics, aesthetics and qualities. Working hand in hand, Flying Ideas turns the whole design and implementation process into a pleasant and memorable lifetime experience.
Let’s capture the ideas together.
Forefront Interior
Forefront Interior is the offspring of Jos Curtain & Interior Services whose modest beginnings date back to year 2000. This expansion is the brainchild of a father and son partnership, incorporated to provide full-fledged interior design services.

Forefront Interior is spearheaded by Joey Pear, who was the General Manager/Senior Consultant of an established local interior design firm. His natural flair for design and impeccable service earned him a stream of satisfied clients mainly through word of mouth.

Living up to the company tag line ‘Redefining Designs’, our designs will not be guided by trends but tailored to the lifestyles of our clients.
Free Space Intent
Established in 1999, Free Space Intent (FSI) is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. With a decade of experiences under our belt, Free Space Intent (FSI) has worked with a large variety of private clients and corporate, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars/lounges, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces. Our aim is to provide distinctive, customized interiors while remaining sensitivity to the client’s budget and time constraints.

The purest form of beauty lies in the raw basics. Free Space Intent (FSI) espouses designs that speak of timeless elegance, defined grace and modern functionality. This down-to-earth approach is clearly marked by clean lines, muted shades and clever space planning to suit the cosmopolitan lifestyles. Celebrating the notion of going back to the bare essentials, FSI creates urban retreats that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the tired soul. Always an active hub of fresh designs, FSI plays along boundaries that are untouched by many, creating homes with a strong presence and personality.
Fuse Concept
Conceptualized and created for more than a decade. Fuse Concept Pte Ltd as an interior design house since 2001, aspires to provide quality design consultation and turnkey project management to residential and commercial design. Fuse Concept is guided by its philosophy “Simplicity & Quality”. Through our journey, we have fuelled ourselves with wide range of exquisite, exclusive and extraordinary designs. Our dedicated team of creative designers believe on the principle that the client’s needs and expectations are paramount. Envisioned the way which things can be transformed and improvised, our concepts create maximum functionality with minimum resources. Replacing unnecessary objects with indispensable forms and transform empty space into your desired dream home!
Fusion Concept
Established in 2010, Fusion Concept is a one stop interior design firm which provides consultancy, design planning till the hands on renovation works for both residential and commercial projects. Both partners Terry and Terence who are also brothers started the business with one goal in mind – to successfully integrate bold, contemporary design to all home/ business owners regardless of their budget, locale or client challenge. The entire team of interior consultants and suppliers are experience and very passionate, thus, delivering the best result to all our customers.

At heart, we truly believe that home is a special place that connects to everyone dearly.
G'Plan Design
G'Plan Design Pte Ltd is an interior designer company established since 1984 to provide complete interior designing services that encompass design, manufacture, installation, and finishing to residential and commercial projects. This means that our clients benefit from maximum cost-efficiency and ensures seamless communication at each stage of the project.

The company's talented & dedicated teams of creative Interior Designers, Fabricators and Installers working together to create distinctive interior designs works that are specifically tailored to meet our clients' requirements and needs.

We pride ourselves in working within our clients' budget and timeline without compromising on service & quality. We deliver effective solutions from conceptual through to installation and the successful completion of each project.
HMS Tiling
HMS is a home-grown construction company founded in the 1980s that started by providing construction maintenance services to the Housing Development Board.

Growing from its humble beginnings to its active involvement in more than half of all HDB residential and commercial units today, we strive to maintain our strong commitment to service and quality excellence to the built environment.

With our team of highly-skilled tilers who have been actively involved in construction works in both residential and commercial units, we are confident of providing quality and reliable service for your every tiling needs.
HYLA Architects
HYLA Architects is an award-winning architectural practice headed and founded by Principal Architect Han Loke Kwang. HYLA’s work seeks to be timeless, unique and personal. Our experience lies strongly in designing high end landed residential projects. The design belief has won the firm numerous awards including the Singapore Institute of Architect’s Design Award and Architectural Heritage Awards by URA. Our work is regularly featured in monographs and magazines internationally, including the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture. To be selected as one of the 1,000 exemplary works of architecture around the world is indeed a humbling accolade.
/an addictive design practice /designing around your habits /passionate about all things design

"HABIT" is what keeps you going.
Habitat One
An interior architect with 15 years of experience in Singapore, Habitat One has produced many quality interior design projects. Our consultants are experienced professionals whose skill that was honed through many project implementations. Their hands on experience enable them to interact and guide our team and contractors to complete projects within the timeline, allowing you to move in with peace of mind. If you are concerned about cost and budget, no worries, your assigned interior architect consultant will provide advice on how to design within budget yet retain design originality.

As your appointed interior architect and renovation partner we put customer relationship in the fore front, keeping communications channels open to you with timely reports and updates. We take great pride with every project to ensure you as a customer is satisfied with your home renovation.
Established in 2009, hauslab d&b pte ltd is focused on providing an unprecedented level of professional service in both the residential and commercial sectors of the design and build industry in Singapore and the Asian region. Our unique vision goes hand in hand with the three main qualities hauslab is built upon:


These three inherent attributes are the heart and soul of hauslab. They enable us to meld the requirements and dreams of our clients into a desired reality. In effect, a house becomes a dream home and an office becomes a power business.
Heavenly homespace
Leveraging on years of intense passion for designing and renovation projects, Heavenly homespace have been in this business for few years now, we specialise in providing innovative interior design and dependable renovation services, while working closely with our clients at every steps of the design process.
Supported by an amazing team of dedicated designers and craftsmen, Heavenly homespace pride ourselves on our exceptional customers service, steady sense of responsibility and outstanding workmanship.
Heavenly homespace can boast of numerous excellent customer testimonials and referrals because we consider and manage every facet of the design process to ensure your finished home meets our standards and surpass your expectations.
Home Choice
Home Choice is an innovative interior design firm founded in Singapore since 2002.

Our mission is creating interior design with delicacy but intimacy, chic and modern living, working & relaxing environment with advanced material, designer’s unique sensibility and sense of beauty.

Our professional design team pays attention to every client’s needs and preference, also the optimal balance between man and space, functionality and elegance, in the ways that bring a place of ease and comfort.

With many years of our interior design and renovation experiences on projects including residential premises, commercial retail shops, and business offices, we have been established numerous and significant references to sustain the high quality of upcoming projects.
Home Concepts
Home Concepts Interior and Design Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2003.

We specialize in residential, Commercial, Project Management, Space Planning, Carpentry Fabrication and Concept Design.

Home Concepts guarantees quality workmanship, giving our clients satisfactory results.
Home Guide
Home Guide was established since 1992 and have come a long way from a renovation contractor in a small shop house unit to what it is today. With more than 20 years of experience, Home Guide has rooted its identity as the Best Interior Design Singapore Company.

Through the years, Home Guide has proven itself to be one of the best interior design firms for residential projects in Singapore. Apart from home interior design, Home Guide have established two subsidiaries namely SORDC & iRetail which specialises in office interior design and retail interior design projects respectively. Also, through another subsidiary, D’Grandeur, we cater to customers who are looking for a luxurious conceptual interior design consultancy for their homes without renovation works. By these well-established subsidiaries, the company has been capable of creating a transformative interior design in residential, commercial and retail spaces. In addition, renovation works are managed with stringent quality standards so as to deliver only the best to our clients and remain as their trusted interior design firm.
In delivering our interior design services, Home Guide strives for integrity, design and services excellence. Not only is the company interested in transforming and beautifying the interior design of our clients’ living and working spaces, we are also committed to build lasting relationship with all of our stakeholders from Singapore and in other countries.
Home Journal
From research and design to constructing and delivery, Home Journal offers a single point of contact to your complete home needs.
Hoong Fatt Heng
Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation Works is a full fledge renovation contractor firm offering direct services in renovation works. Founded in 1981 by Tony Choo, he is today the consultant for the company.

With a team of dedicated salesman and experienced skilled workers, we provide unbeatable prices in home and commercial renovation works.
Hue Concept
With its decade long experience, Hue Concept specialises in residential projects that accommodate HDB flats, private apartments, condominiums and landed properties. Our in-depth knowledge of current and future trends are displayed in our galleries, impressive emporiums of beautiful and inspirational design ideas located on the eastern and western corners of Singapore. On the corporate front, Hue Concept matches business ambience with functional practicality – building interiors to match businesses’ brand image.
HUE D is a multi-disciplinary Design and Concept practice and our scope of design interests range from architecture to interiors to landscape, graphics and branding.

HUE D is led by Vincent Goi, who graduated from National University of Singapore with Masters of Architecture. He worked as Design Architect in RSP Architects, Planners & Engineers, which is one of the most established and well-regarded leading practice in Asia. He is involved in award-winning projects such as rejuvenation of Clarke Quay Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, SAP LABS Shanghai, *Scape Singapore, Ion Orchard and Orchard Residence Singapore, among others.

HUE D has been interviewed by prominent media and press such as The Business Times for our creative work and expertise.
Hunter Gatherer
Hunter Gatherer derives from the age-old instinct of searching and collecting for the home.

Through design and project management, we cater to those who wish to express their individuality in the way they live.

Our approach to residences places special emphasis on the re-design of existing structures and working within the specifics of site. Favouring sustainable solutions for living where possible, we cater for the option of passive climate control, and the renewing of select furnishings and pieces of architectural value to add dimension and depth to homes.
I3 Living
I3 Living Pte Ltd is an Interior Design Firm in Singapore consisting of a team of experienced designers that has been in this field for close to a decade. Our slogan is to incline towards innovative design.
ICIA is an Interior Architecture practice which redefines how living and work spaces are used through Transformational Design.

Since its inception in 2012, the practice has been kept deliberately small, as to allow us to tailor our collaborations to each individual client’s needs. We work closely with the best consultants and suppliers in the market, to provide our clients with optimal results.
ID Emboss
ID Emboss is about being creative, bold, innovative and versatile. Our Mission is to create an environment tailored exclusively to your taste, personality and lifestyle.

Established in 1999, we are a one-stop service provider offering interior design consultancy and project management services to our residential and commercial clients. Our project managers, coordinators and designers will oversee every step of the project. Strict attention is paid to the finishes and quality of materials.

We aim to offer customized design solution which are feasible and inspiring to our clients to create a distinct look, feel and approach for all our projects.
ID Inc
ID Inc is a regional interior design firm specialising in commercial offices and offering intelligent solutions.

Headquartered in Singapore and satellite offices in the Philippines, we have experience all across Asia such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai. We have to date undertaken projects up to 60,000 square feet.

We offer a complete scope of services taking responsibility of all aspects of the projects right from the beginning to the end. We are designers with a passion for our work and professionalism is what we deliver in every project we undertake.
IPO Design
IPO Design’s is a young dynamic company with a passion for creating innovative interior design solutions for both the commercial and residential markets. Working in close consultation with the client and with all other parties involved (e.g. the local authority’s planning department, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers), and paying very careful attention to environmental, health and safety regulations, the practice aims to produce structures and interiors that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and exactly suited to the client’s budgetary requirements.
Icon Interior
We see every client as a partner in creative excellence. We listen to their needs, pay very close attention to his or her approach to life and interpret that through our work.

We see each project as a work of art which deserves our utmost attention and effort. In addition to this our ability to offer innovative approaches from a holistic perspective helps us gain the confidence of our client.

Our ability to see our work through from design concept to construction gives our clients confidence in engaging us.

We transform spaces through our two planes approach. This approach allows us to see the possibilities within a space by focusing on two critical planes. The results of phenomenal and have transformed ordinary spaces into new experiences.
Interior Design Company Idbox Pte Ltd was established in year 2002 in Singapore founded by Mr. Miyata and was awarded as one of the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise in year 2011. Mr. Miyata, who originated from Kyushu, Japan, who equipped with great passion in interior design and to visualize his personal design capacity to levitate the standard of commercial space design. Mr. Miyata established Idbox as a Singapore based interior design consultancy firm with the forethought of integrating and transforming Japanese traditional Interior Design concept into current Interior Design trend aesthetically for restaurant design,shop design and store design, retail design, commercial design, and show flats. Idbox has design and build a series chain of Retail, Shop, and F&B outlets through client’s strong recommendations. Our utmost focus is to meet our value client’s functional needs and aesthetic expectation with a “WOW” factor in mind.

Above all, Idbox are committed and dedicated to the strong belief that there is no better achievement than having a “well served” Client.
Ideal Design Interior
Ideal Designers, each bearing wide experience and depth of knowledge in the industry. We cater to a broad range of clientele with very different but unique needs. Keeping abreast with the trends and methods of know-how, we provide superior creavity and execution in all projects that we partake.
IdeasScout Projects
Founded by Curve Khong in 2007. Prior to the conception of IdeasScout Projects, Curve was instrumental in delivering some of the most interesting projects that the public has been. The Zaha Hadid design installation in Singapore Art Museum, is considered one of the most massive sculpture installation Singapore has ever seen. It spans nearly the entire museum compound and Level 2 of the Visitor's Gallery.

His passion to achieve original design intent stems from his construction and interior project experiences. This has helps to deliver some of the more unique installation and fabrication.
IdeasXchange is a newly set up company in 2014. We specialise in interior design, conceptual designing, consultancy, residential renovation and project coordination.

Our keys values that guide us on our journey of success and they are:

• REVOLUTIONIZED, a commitment to an idea, where we constantly upgrade ourselves to be ahead of this ever-changing fast paced industry. Fostering a work environment that inspire our employees to generate new and fresh ideas, be innovative and support growth within our company and associates
• Always OPERATE with INTEGRITY. We valued the importance of building trust by being open and held responsible through listening, recognizing and acknowledging on what matters. We practice fair dealings with customers, trade partners, contractors and employees by doing the right thing for them
• We are dedicated to deliver the HIGHEST VALUE through consistent improvement in the competitive market to bring you the highest quality with the least amount of money. Apart from that, we highly committed to provide an amazing experience in terms of before and after sales services with our customers
Image Creative Design
Established in 1995, Image Creative Design is helmed by brothers Roger, Elson and Randy Tan. Together, they lead a team of over 80 designers in creating residential and commercial projects, both local and international, which have garnered them many accolades.
These include the SUPERBRANDS Awards since 2004 (the first interior design firm to do so), being ranked as an SME 500 company from 2007 till today, as well as the 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Award received by its three directors.
Imagine by SK66
Imagine by SK66 (formerly known as Seng Kwong) is an Interior Design and Carpentry company that provides the highest level of service in the industry. We provide creative elements and services for your home, work and life. With 50 years of experience and starting our third generation of family carpenters and designers we have an instilled tradition of serving the greater Singapore area and beyond. Quality and functionality is a philosophy that resonates within the Imagine by SK66 team. Our technical expertise along with endless product resources create a one-stop shopping experience for our customers.

Our Interior Design services range from selecting that perfect paint color to creating and executing the vision from start to finish. With our very own carpentry factory in Singapore, we are able to provide a quality product using only the finest hardware available at affordable prices.

Our Carpentry can be seen in some of the finest homes, offices and restaurants in Singapore. Imagine knows how important it is to design and build projects that are tailored to the individual styles and needs of its clients, on budget and on time.
Impress 21 Design & Build
Impress21 is a greatly respected turnkey interior design firm that caters its service to all parts of Singapore. It has a professional and reliable team who are capable of providing a comprehensive range of services from Interior Design, Home Renovation to A & A works.

We take into account each minute details of our project, whether its decoration, space usage, furniture, interior lighting etc. Strict attention is paid to the finishes and quality of materials as well.

Being a customer-centric company, we partner at each step to offer customized design solution which are feasible and inspiring to our clients and create a distinct look, feel and approach for all our projects. Due to our positive working attitude and commitment towards our customers, our company has successfully built a strong track record and word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied customers.
In Element
IN ELEMENT PTE LTD, since our humble beginning in 1994, have constantly strive to uphold our mission, which is, to integrate creative interior designing with efficient space planning as well as fulfilling client's requirements and project objectives by providing timely and out-of-the-box solutions.

Our vision is driven by our philosophy of challenging ourselves to reach greater heights. To achieve this vision, IN ELEMENT recognises that it takes committed people who truly understand how to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We believe in maintaining a win-win and harmonious partnership with our customers, which requires absolute quality services and a sense of social responsibility. Acknowledging that there are evolving changes and challenges, we have a dedicated team of management as well as local and foreign professionals in their chosen fields to enhance our professionalism and dynamism.
Ingenious Design & Furnishing
INGENIOUS Design & Furnishing, known affectionately as INGENIOUS by our clients and friends, is one of the leading interior design firm in Singapore. Being the sister company of Wei Soon Huat Furniture & Renovation Works which has established 20 years ago specialised in furniture and renovation, INGENIOUS was born with the mission to provide excellent and superior services that exceed our clients' expectations.

With this in mind, we have created many innovative & aesthetically pleasing designs that will surely meet the requirements of our customers. Backed by many years of experience in the interior design industry, our team of dedicated designers are highly specialised with the latest trends, styles and images in interior designs. We promise to attend to every single detail from the inception to the finishing of your dream home and you may be assured that your home is in safe hands.
Innerspace Design Solutions
We help you write your own masterpiece, whether it is modern or contemporary, provence or high-tech style. Taking into consideration all your wishes, we will help you choose a palette that best expresses your inner world.

Innerspace Design Solutions (IDS) formerly ‘Best Design’ was established in 2001. The company provides Interior Design and Consultancy Services and Turnkey Installations for varied type of projects including Commercial and Residential.
Inside Living
Inside Living is an established specialist in interior designing and renovation consulting for both residential and commercial sectors. As an industry expertise, we believe that the design we create should be both responsive and responsible to its occupant.

We are a full-service interior design company dedicated to help customers to create a custom-designed interior that has a true reflection of customers' personnal style. At Inside Living, we stress on the importance of delivering quality workmanship and services. Our customers' satisfaction is important to us. We are always willing to go the extra mile by extending additional services whenever possible. By undrstanding our customers' objectives and exploring all the opportunities available, we are able to accomplish our goals with outstanding results.
Inspire ID Group
With great demand of overwhelming results from our customers over the years. It is composed by an elite group of experienced senior designers and skilled craftsmen.

The success of Inspire ID Group is down to a simple philosophy; stay loyal to client’s brief and requirements, yet at the same time, create an interior that meets the highest standards, whilst providing a unique memorable experience for the customers.

Whether you are looking for a Classical, Modern Minimalist or Contemporary Design. We are pleased to offer you the design and finishing that will exceed your needs; be it a villa, an apartment, a loft, a penthouse or even a commercial space.
Interior Doctor
Interior Doctor Pte Ltd is a new age and trendy interior designing company. We specializes in residential project, custom furniture and fittings, boutique shops and office design.

With our experience in interior designing and renovation areas, we continue to excel and bring smiles to our customers’ faces. Our continued successes are credited to our excellent customer service and top notch innovative ideas. We bring you lively and comfortable home designs that not only suit your daily lives but also brings out your personality with our designs.

We focus on practicality and developed designs and innovative ideas that not only look good but also enhance space and storage capabilities. We look forward to bring you a new home living that enriches your daily lives!
Inzz Studio
Premium interior design services for residential & commercial projects which include space planning with construction works & project management. We guarantee quality workmanship & service, making customer satisfaction our top priority.
Joey Khu Interior Design
Over 20 years experience in the industry, with all the expertise, skills and professionalism in both interior design and architecture have motivated Joey Khu to build a good reputation in the design while offering professional services for the company.
Joo Guan Huat
Established in 1980, we have more than 25 years of experience in the renovation industry. Our vast experience means we offer you the most creative design which is practical, suits your needs and within your budget. We specialise in:-
• Space Planning
• Interior Designing & Consultation
• Residential Project
• General Contract Work
• Carpentry Design & Furnishing
• Electrical & Plumbing Services
Juz Interior
We are a team of professional interior designers providing a full spectrum of renovation services. Equipped with years of experience blended with passion, we are committed and confident individuals who are capable of delivering. Juz Interior consists of a flat hierarchy of equal contributors working towards one common goal: to practice absolute transparency at every stage of progression, bridging clear communication and understanding between our clients and us.
KDOT Associates
KDOT provides a complete range of interior designing services. We strive to create an unique and customized habitat for each of our client.
KLW Builder
KLW Builder was incorporated in Singapore as a general contractor registered with Building and Construction Authority BCA Licensed Builder and BizSafe registered. We specialized in building construction in landed properties, architectural, structural, SKK / ICI approved applicator, A & A work, major upgrading works and project management.
KNQ Associates
KNQ Associates began in 2004 as a boutique interior design studio specialising in the art of reinventing living spaces – a service it calls Home Rejuvenation. Its forte lies in transforming tired looking rooms into stylish and functional ones with creative solutions.
Kaleido Interior
At Kaleido interior, We provide professional interior design, consultation and renovation services for residential and commercial projects. Our team of dedicated sales designers will strive to deliver comprehensive and holistic design solutions, ensuring a one stop hassle free process, from conceptualization to the handover of job site. We are always ready to go the extra miles to provide you with quality service before, during and after renovation works.
Kemvet Commercial Builders is a full service Interior Designer cum General Contractor, that specializes in Interior Design, Interior Build-out/Fit-out, Renovations and Multi-trade package contracting for commercial, retail, industrial and private residential, for both local and overseas projects.
The company was founded in 1993, by a group of experienced professional innovators & a sincere and dynamic team. With over the years experience as interior contractor, Kemvet has grown to be well known as competitive, reliable and a well-equipped company. We continue to endeavor better to fulfill its mission, unlimited support, services and extensive choice of quality products regardless of projects scale.
Ken Home Design
One of the most unique aspects of Ken Home Design that makes it stand out in the Singapore construction and Singapore Interior design fields would be that it offers an all encompassing package of services. Not only are you able to utilize the construction knowledge and experience, but you are also capable of having a truly gifted interior designer help you to insure that your project is completed, including the finishing touches that give it that look of perfection. Imagine the convenience of having one firm to see your construction project completed, from the pouring of the foundation to the completed elegant structure.
King Hall Design
Your home is your safe haven, a place for you to feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard day’s work and where you will create beautiful memories with your family and friends. At King Hall Design, we believe in giving you the home of our dreams.

Our interior design and renovation service is end-to-end: you only need to come to us for our interior design services and we will work closely with our contractors, electricians and suppliers to ensure that you get the dream home your deserve. We can also cater to any range of home styles that you desire, from minimalist chic to modern and hi-tech and even rustic country.
Ko Hong
Ko Hong Construction & Woodworks Pte Ltd – A dedicated service provider.
Established in the year 1971, Ko Hong Construction & Woodworks is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise amass over the past 4 decades to give
professional advice and manage all aspect of your design and construction needs.

Combined with the passion to deliver our services to its completeness, with
confidence, competency and consistency, we seek to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for every project we undertake.
Koong Yee
Koong Yee Renovation Works Pte Ltd is a design consultancy and project management firm that has been established since 1982. Our vast experience in both commercial and residential projects is testament to our expertise in our industry. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the design and construction industry. We put a premium on providing the best in quality, service and design creativity to provide value for money and a high level of satisfaction for our customers.
Kozzi Designers
At Kozzi Designers we pride ourselves on quality. We are one of the leading interior design and renovation companies across Singapore, and we offer a full and comprehensive range of services at an affordable price. You no longer have to choose between quality and price. With Kozzi Designers you get the best of both worlds.
Kranki Kraft
We are a young team of Interior Design and Home Renovation professionals who know what it takes to deliver your dream living space. Our strategy is simple – we take the time to understand your lifestyle and design personality and we translates these visions into a practical and achievable project. As a result, we are a dynamic and driven design firm passionate about transforming empty spaces into a cosy chic space that is all about you.
L&Rui Concept Group
L&Rui Concept Group is a regional interior design firm that offers high standards of comprehensive commercial services and aspires to maintain long-term business relationships with clients.
We believe it is the responsibility of us designers to create diverse, innovative and exciting environments. Our design philosophy is that each project is unique, and the design should evolve through the particular characteristics of each project.

LAANK believes good design is produced from this careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgement. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with our determination for excellence ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept. We are always looking for that unique idea that will re-invent the familiar in a whole new light.
LCT Renovation
LCT Renovation Pte Ltd was established with a combine experiences of more than 20 years with the intention of bring high quality and yet affordable interior design and renovation services catered to the residential, commercial and office projects in Singapore.
LLoyd & Andrew Builders
Starting out as a partnership in July 1991 undertaking renovation projects; Lloyd & Andrew subsequently incorporated a private limited company in September 1996. In 1996, Lloyd & Andrew started to build alliances with major Main Contractors, Managing Agents & Consultants and hence changed its profile from a small contractor to a medium size building construction and interior contractor.
Lavish Interior Design
As one of Singapore's leading interior design firms, Lavish Interior Design, comprising of a cohesive team of experienced design consultants and in-housed specialists that are committed to delivering leading edge services to our clients. Our mission is not only to beautify the spaces we reside in but more importantly, positively and productively add value to customer lifestyle in the process.

Our main aim is to create quality customised living and working spaces. Our scope of work covers residential areas, executive offices,retail shops etc just to mention a few. Lavish Interior Design process bears in mind colour schemes ad themes, moods, and personalities to come up with the perfect design solutions for our clients.
Le Interi
Le Interi is established upon a strong belief that every space can be mastered through creative and effective designs to make it work for its occupant. Vitality and a refreshing breath of bold innovation are just some key elements that our team brings into a space.

Personal space, be it at work or at home, has to make its occupant feel at ease and at the same time, boosts of individuality. We portray your uniqueness by conceptualising your ideals for function and style into our designs.

With Le Interi, spaces take on a new definition beyond just an area that helps you get through life with the basics. We create spaces that rejuvenate and regenerate. Our designs bring out the youthful zest of a space, while at the same time, ensuring that functionality stands behind the avant-garde appeal.
Le Posh Design
Le Posh Design comprises a team of creative and dynamic interior designers specializing in commercial and residential design services who are highly trained and equipped with vast experience to ensure that all projects is met to their client's requirements.
Leef Deco
Leef Deco is a sincere, creative, and innovative interior designer in Singapore.

In Leef Deco, we believe in creating functional design solutions with space, comfort, and beauty. Our successes are credited to collaboration between our clients and teams, where every final result is an amalgamation of client’s requirements with our design expertise and product knowledge.
Life Interior Design
A Singapore based interior design consultancy, has established a reputation for providing creative design solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We use innovative materials to showcase unique interiors that work.

Our mission is to deliver creativity, freshness and boldness into the interior and exterior spaces. We aim to please, and meet the needs of customers by helping to fulfill their dreams, and also introduce them to exclusive designs for all areas.

We are more than eager and glad to be able to work on projects of any size from major redevelopments to an individual room, from construction work to final decoration.
Liid Studio
Liid is helmed by Singapore-born Ng Hwee Li, with over twelve years of experience in various fields of interior and spatial design behind her. Formed in early 2012, the practice has already garnered a diverse and vibrant portfolio of completed projects.

The firm philosophy is rooted in the process of design and construction, working to ensure that spatial quality is manipulated fully, to create interiors ordered by hierarchy, activated by light and focused on comfort. It goes beyond aesthetics and function, and aspires to create holistic solutions that are more than the sum of their parts, and make sense of innate problems and shortcomings.

Every project, client and space is provided with a custom-fit solution, to cater for individual lifestyle requirements and functional usage. Each commission is always explored as an opportunity to constantly refine, and hopefully perfect, the firm's acumen in creating timeless design.
Lim Ai Tiong Design
Lim Ai Tiong Design is an award winning boutique-size architecture and interior design firm providing a complete scope of professional design services and project management for both residential and commercial projects.

Lim Ai Tiong Design established in 2001 as LATO Design and renamed in 2014, is a corporate member of the Singapore Institute of Architects and the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore.

Lim Ai Tiong Design is headed by Lim Ai Tiong, who holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture with Honors from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Lim Ai Tiong Design is currently obsessed with solving the problem of disintegrated spaces by improving and amalgamating the intimacies between different areas and activities in a building.
Linear Space Concepts
Let Linear Space outline the individual living space for you. We are driven to be different, and yet remain devoted to your innate preferences and budgetary concerns.

Linear Space was created in 2003 by our creative director Marc Wong, who is a bit of a design rebel himself. Playing it safe is just too safe so Marc has taken it upon himself to find an intricate balance between breaking design conventions and creating a personalised haven. At Linear Space, we deliver bold and fresh concepts which cater to your every need.

Where good design & individual tastes converge.
Living Gaia
At Living Gaia Interior, our dedicated and talented group of interior designers are here to interpret and achieve your interior desires. Our aim is to provide professional interior design consultancy which are creative, cost effective and exceptional. With over 30 years of experience combined, we strive to achieve excellent customer service, timely completion and excellent workmanship. In addition, our green vision is to utilize environmentally friendly and sustainable products in our construction.
Living Gaia
At Living Gaia Interior, our dedicated and talented group of interior designers are here to interpret and achieve your interior desires. Our aim is to provide professional interior design consultancy which are creative, cost effective and exceptional. With over 30 years of experience combined, we strive to achieve excellent customer service, timely completion and excellent workmanship. In addition, our green vision is to utilize environmentally friendly and sustainable products in our construction.
Living Icon
The Living Icon Pte Ltd was founded in 2002 with the vision of setting the market trend in the industry. The company specialises in Interior Design, Space Planning and Home Styling.
Love Home Interior Design
Love Home Interior Design is nurtured by a group of interior designers with a passion and a belief for perfection. Our utmost satisfaction is seeing the transformation of your dream into fruition.

Let us transcend the way you live.
Lux Design
Every customer’s needs and concerns form our core responsibility. Every project we seek to translate our customers’ dream living space into one that is rich in design, functionality and achieving its unique luxury characteristic.

We have our own carpentry workshop. With it, we are able to provide a much personalised service and better quality assurance.
A solid foundation is paramount to a happy ending. Understanding that, founders David Kang armed with one common goal, looked forward to the future of design.

Today, Luxespace Pte Ltd is a leading interior design company with bases spread throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Making its impact felt throughout the region with designs that introduce a new standard of creativity every time with passion, the genius lies with the passion of birthing new ideas.
M.E.T Interior
MET Interior is an interior design firm specialising in design and renovation for residential and commercial projects with the main focus of customizing homes to preference with various concepts.

At Met Interior, we strongly believe that there are many ways of conceptualising and beautifying and interior. And through listening and being open to our clients’ ideas and lifestyle, we aim to design spaces for every clients’ needs.
M Image
M Image is a Design & Renovation company renowned for our quality conceptual design work and consistent timely delivery of architectural projects. We have been acknowledged as a dedicated service provider in this dynamic industry.

Our strong clientele base in the Asia region consists of referrals from our existing loyal clients who are impressed by our excellent services. We strive to maintain a good working relationship with all our valued clients by providing maximum customer satisfaction and quality work consistently.
MA Concept
Refreshingly contemporary, reassuringly traditional – set up in 2008, MA Concepts draws upon a 28-year legacy, fusing it with a modern thinking and design. The result is a blend of the past and the present that makes for a truly unique living experience.
Make Room
We are a Design Studio & Retail Store,offering interior design & styling services, and an eclectic collection of homeware and furniture.
Mark Ormsby Interiors
Mark Ormsby Interiors is a modest sized design studio of highly professional and dedicated designers, project co-ordinators, project support technicians and project administrators. We love to take on a challenge and we work hard to provide exceptional interiors for our clients.
Matrix Interiors
Matrix Interiors was founded by people who have had over a decade of experience in the industry.

Davin Lau, our Chief Designer, along with our other founders, specialize in interior design and furniture trade. They have worked with multiple local and international companies, providing their expertise to the hospitality and real estate sectors, among others. They embody all our company values, leading everybody by example.

We have a talented pool of people with varying but complementing strengths. We practice good work ethics to ensure utmost service integrity. Balancing creative pursuit with business development is part of our main focus as a team.
Metaphor Studio
We are an interior architecture consultancy firm who have served the South East Asia region for more than 10 years. Our exploration in design is full of humanity , seeking for comfort and a timeless engagement in our living environment.
Meter Square
Armed with highly dedicated designers with more than 20 years of experience, we have offered our professional service to more than a thousand customers to turn their dream home and work place into reality, delivering properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

We are committed to understanding each customer's needs, including budgetary concerns and will convert a concept into a home you will be proud of. Whether it is a residential or commercial space, our dedicated designers will always there to help you create a bespoke solution to suit your needs and make your dream home come true.

Meter Square's client base has developed largely through referrals and word of mouth, a trend we intend to continue.
Miaja Design Group
Miaja is an international Interior Design firm providing hospitality design solutions for luxury brand hotels & resorts, corporate developments, and high-end residential clients across the world.
Midas Design
Midas Design makes use of innovative materials to create depth and increase the illusion of space across the right places. With expert space planning, top-notch building materials and creative methods, spaces are unified and beautified. Passages and unique architectural structures and fittingly addressed a design conundruns Midas Design work to soften "harsh" corners, surfaces, creating a dynamic exchange between the room and the homeowner, adding three-dimensionality to every room.
Minimology by Minimo
‘Less is more’, inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Minimo is an aspiring young residential interior design veteran with more than 6 years of industry experience in designing living spaces.

We design with passion. And we believe that many of the best design are born when people create something that they want or need for themselves. We also believe that the collaboration between client & designer can create a mutual understanding for a new level in design & achievement. Think of it as: Design meets Practical, Less is More.
Momo + Partners
Momo & Partners first began its run in the design industry in September 2004.
A company, trying to build a place where people–local and otherwise–can feel good about getting together, nothing very radical at this point but perhaps a beginning. Residential, commercial, retail, hospitality. Interiors have many applications in display, decoration, advertising and special effects. Momo & Partners can produce these in size, quality and even colour to meet your requirements.
Mong Design Studio
Mong Design Studio specializes in residential projects, especially in design and build. MDS is also involved sporadically in commercial projects, generally in retail stores and offices.

Our success and satisfaction of Mong Design Studio relies on the combination of a strongly driven team environment. From design development to project management, the team takes pride in their work and we share similar objectives and goals, which is to maximize our effort and to create unique-ness to each and every project.

We hope to demonstrate our design excellence and exceed our client expectations.
Monriche Design & Build
We started in 1986 with our own carpentry workshop known as SHENG WEI INTERIOR DECORATION. As the demand grew, we expand our business to include Interior Design Services and Renovation Works. In 2004, we decided to move further into Architectural design. MONRICHE DESIGN & BUILD was born for the purpose of placing together the art, science and technology of designing into a home you can imagine. Homeowners, now can manage all under one roof with us.

Monriche Design & Build believes in the real understanding of client’s needs. We then take the understanding further through meticulous planning, detailed monitoring and disciplined project management. With the systematic application of professional skills, focused creativity, and all-rounded teamwork, we work hand-in-hand to create the home, office or shop of your dream.
We take pride from the purpose of each project into the process till the final product done with insistency, persistency and consistency.

Our companies are registered with BCA under the category of General Building/CW01 C3 and are licensed as a General Builder Class 2. We have obtained Bizsafe Star for WSHCouncil, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification and Singapore Business Quality Award (First Class). With this standard, we can manage health and safety more effectively in job sites. Besides, we also hold HDB License.

We have a responsible and good management team and a group of well-trained construction workers to provide the best services to all clients. With professional skills and knowledge in construction industry, we will customise to clients’ requirements and offer suggestions to them.
Motivo is established in 2007 and has become one of the outstanding corporate interior design firm in Singapore.

The company discovers the solutions to your real estate creating a collaborative and conducive working environment to increase space efficiency and enhance productivity of your business. Meeting expectations and providing prompt professional services to our clients are our constant commitment to the industry.

Our wealth of experience with local and multi-national companies in Singapore and across the region professes our abilities to address different design requirements with an admirable delivery and client satisfaction.
Mr Shopper Studio
At Mr. Shopper Studio, our experienced Designers and Industry Professionals will conceptualize ideas & walk alongside with our clients to create design concepts, bringing captivating 3D drawings into reality.

We approach thoughts of Interior Designs by understanding client's priorities & requirements via the IPA Program (Interior Personality Analysis™) to maintain a best fit with feasibility within their budget.
Museum Homes
Museum Homes is an interior firm in Singapore made up of a group of professional interior designers, consultants, draftmen, 3D renderers and residence artists. Experienced in all facets of structure/ interior designs/ construction including details observation, master planning and artistic presentation. This broad training in design provides the firm’s foundation for the rigorous and disciplined approach applied to each and every project.
NID Design Studio
NID, which stands for New Innovative Dynamic, may be a budding interior design company, but our team of designer have garnered years of experience in interior design. Adept in the different areas, to be interior consultancy , project budgeting, project management, and alternation and additional works, we delves into the team’s years of experience to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.
Nest Spatial Design
Nest Spatial Design is a boutique spatial consultancy firm that specializes in creating and designing interior and exterior spaces. Beyond the standard interior design, we believe in creating ‘experiential design’ with each space they are given.

Nest works with each client by listening to his or her needs and understanding the purpose behind each space they are working with. This ensures that the needs of the user for that space are met in both functional and artistic ways.Similar to the structure of Mother Nature where birds nurture and feed their young in a nest they built using the materials they find in their environment, Nest believes in creating spaces where lives can be nurtured and memories can be created.
Neu Konceptz
Just as how we are named, we aim to bring “a neu experience” to all our clients in creating their Ideal Home. With a team of dynamic, creative and experienced designers, we provide all the services you will need for your renovation under one roof. From space planning to conceptualization, materials selection and site coordination, we make it a one-stop service for you here at Neu Konceptz. In addition to many of our residential projects for the past years, we also handle commercial projects such as office space, F&B outlets, retail outlets and club houses.
NextDoor ID
We are a team of highly passionate and experienced Interior Designers, dedicated to providing high quality and dedicated service. Our specialised services includes interior design, commercial/residential renovations and highly customised ID packages.
Nexz Concept
NEXZ Concept, a one-stop solutions for your interior design and all renovation needs. We specialise in offering a wide spectrum of services like Design Conceptualization, Space Planning, Furniture & Electrical Layout Plan,3D Perspective Drawings, Carpentry Fabrication, Materials & Colour Scheme Proposal, Quotation Presentation, Project Management, Personalised After-Sales Services etc.

At NEXZ, we provide our clients with up-to-date design ideas, we also ensure quality services and excellent workmanship. Design Manager, Frankie Te has more than 15 years of experience in handling both Residential and Commercial Projects. He takes on every projects with passion and sincerity, wanting the best for our clients. Together with our team of dedicated designers, we give our meticulous attention to every details in order to meet our clients' needs and preferences.
O2 Interior
O2 Interior is a home and commercial interior design firm that conceptualizes design with practicality. We provide interior design ideas and do renovation for HDB, condominium, landed and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets. We transform empty spaces into vibrant and cosy areas for living, work and play. We balance the aesthetic preferences of our clients with practicality and creativity. So share your ideas with us and let us spice them up with our experience, passion and dedication. Served with our own personal twist, O2 Interior will be able to bring you one step closer to your dream concept.
Olio Design & Build
Olio is an interior design, construction & renovation company that excels in managing projects such as complete building renovation, office fit out, hospitality thematic design, and touch up works as well as A&A. We offer a comprehensive design & build service as well as small scale touch-up renovation projects.

At Olio, we have built a reputation for being responsive to our clients’ needs and offering high quality, cost effective work. Because we have our own team of inhouse carpenters and other specialists we have full and complete control over the entire design process.

What this means to you, our partner in creating your dream project, is a level of assurance that you won’t find anywhere.
Omus Living
A Company established filled with burning passion, impressive creativity and trust worthy quality. We are committed to provide you with an excellent service and you will be amazed with our capabilities.

Conceptualized and created to provide our clients with contrentment, we provide services through design consultation and project management. We are also particularize in designing and space planning, retaining the fundamental aspect of our design philosophy system. We believe the quality of our services is of utmost importance to us. We are willing to go the extra mile to guarantee quality.

Our project types range from HDB to private housing like condominiums, landed properties and commercials.

Omus Living demonstrats a commitment to the implemtation of sustainable yet innovative interior designs.
One-Stop Concept
Established since 2001, One-Stop Concept is built upon a community of people-centric designers, like-minded industry veterans and passionate educators committed to interior design. One-Stop Concept is a one-stop solution for all designing needs, from carpentry, detailing, renovation, design, and the works. We advocate for timeless designs where form meets function, to influence and celebrate the power of style and design to positively impact people’s lives. The core vision revolving around all our work arises from the desire to deliver first class, stylish interior space to our clients. Our clientele base includes high profile business magnets, celebrities, socialites, and all individuals with a discerning taste in stylish living.
Pavillion Creation
Pavillion Creation is a vibrant & professional team that seeks to provide a comprehensive range of innovative services. Invest in good taste and get the design of your home with you in mind. Your imaginations and dreams are our motivation and challenge to creatively convert a confined space into a living haven you call home.

Our sales team are not only qualified and experienced, we also take pride in the company and in rendering top notch services, both before and after sales services are supremely important to us in our commitment to providing a complete package for our clients.

We deliver quality and value-laden services to our customers every time. Pavillion Creation earns its reputation between the trust forged between our customers and our dedication towards them.

Aiming to be the household name for interior designer and renovator, Pavillion Creation emphasizes strongly on customer service, professionalism, flexibility, affordability and skill.
Established since 1995, Pencilbox IDP Pte Ltd has always believed that design must serve in a deep and inspirational way. It must go beyond just the aesthetics to communicate intelligence, joy and warmth of the human spirit.

For years, Pencilbox IDP Pte Ltd has been privileged with many opportunities to enhance many lives through the work that it does, bringing forth a great cheer and blessings to all who beheld or chanced upon them.
Plan3 Design & Build
Plan3 Design & Build is a Singapore-based design and renovation company recognised for our thoughtful approach in translating our clients' aspirations, catering to their individual needs and adding value to their homes and businesses
Posh Living
Posh Living is about unique, creative and innovative. Our main goal is to create an environment best suited to your personality, lifestyle and selections.

Emphasizing our mantra of timeless design, we want you to enjoy a lasting fondness of your home or office. Surrounded by the sophisticated design quality of timelessness, you would have no worries about an outdated design.

We take our customer's needs seriously and we believe that our enthusiasm and experiences will enrich your needs and satisfaction.

To transform your dream design into a visually impressive environment that fits your lifestyle, with value added points of picturesque interior.
Posh Urban
Posh Urban is a interior architecture and interior design company with expertise in the F&B, Hospitality, Commercial and Retail segment. We have strong experiences in conservation building renovations.

The company also offers solutions for larger residential projects including landed properties and condominiums.

Scope of services include master planning, space planning, interior design consultancy, design and build turnkey and building alteration projects.

Posh Urban additionally provides furniture, fittings and equipment (FFE) solutions to F&B and hospitality businesses. We aim to provide the best price/value solutions to your businesses through our network of providers.
Proj. B Studio
Proj. B Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm that combines the different fields of architecture, interior architecture and branding to create an integrated and self-contained experiential space. By fusing function and aesthetics and keeping a keen awareness to human senses and special dynamics, the firm upholds the philosophy that nothing is constructed without reason.
Project File
When it comes to designing, Project File’s driving philosophy is simple, to create design that works. We are determined to create a space that boasts both aesthetics and practicality. To achieve this, we are ready and willing to give full attention to detail, proportions and scale. Thus said, Project File refuse to limit ourselves to a specific style. We like to think out of the box.
Project Guru
ProjectGuru was founded with the aim of providing a one-stop destination for interior design and renovation services, by offering distinctive yet highly functional designs, with a personal touch to our customers.

Our professional and highly trained design consultants are always on the lookout for innovative and creative ideas to create more values to your space, be it a residential home or commercial office.

We work closely with our customers from preliminary consultation to project handover, ensuring our customers’ requirements are accurately fulfilled and delivered.
Promax Design
At Promax Design Pte Ltd, we believe in listening to our clients, sharing your aspirations and understanding your needs. Since 1994, we have been providing complete interior design services for the residential and commercial sector.

Our exclusive design and custom contract works are driven by a philosophy of bringing out the personality and character of our clients by design. With our professional and reliable team of interior designers and project managers, you can expect quality services at every stage.

No project is too small for us. Delivering a keen interest in your needs and high standards of quality work is our key to serving you better.
At Prozfile, a passion for revamping living spaces abounds in their team of designers. Their principle in interior and architecture is that the design of a home should revolve around the homeowners’ specific needs and lifestyles; resulting in a comfortable and fluid environment for all occupants.
Quadwork Pte Ltd perceives that every individual contributes to shape the built environment of today and tomorrow in all aspects; emerging from sensual interiors embraced by excellent architecture that influence a comprehensive urbanism for all. As such, we have established ourselves as an Architecture + Interior Design integrated firm. We believe that a good architecture or interior is not a dictated design, which in most cases were solely authored or consulted by the designer. Our practice conceives every project as an intellectual process. We assimilate owners or clients as part of the project team which transpire every individual’s contribution into sensitive built form professionally.
Quan Mei
Quan Mei is a design-and-build specialist with expertise in interior design, project management, and construction services. We began in 1984 as a one-man construction outfit focused on home renovation and industrial building works. Through passion and hard work, we have grown in size and capability. Today, Quan Mei is a trusted name in Singapore’s commercial design and construction industry.

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we have been an essential partner to our clients, and have served them beyond design-and-build responsibilities. We would like to extend our expertise and effort to better understand your brand’s personality, values, and needs, before building experiential spaces for your audiences.
Quirky Idees
Idées – French word for Ideas. At Quirky Idees, design is our passion.
We are a humble interior design and construction company that sincerely believe happiness can be design.

Encouragement to do more with less by sticking strongly to our own R3 core values as followed; REASONABLE in pricing, REALISTIC for the services and products we are giving, and RELIABILITY on after sales services is what we do here.

Indirectly, when these core values are achieved, happiness would be design within our company and delivered to every customers of ours. This is what we call "Designing Happiness".

In r3vamp, we call ourselves "r3vampers" and this is what we do; "To continuously design more and more happiness for r3vampers, our customers, and the community unconditionally!"
Racha Renovation
Racha Renovation Pte Ltd was set up in 2003 as an interior design and renovation firm, which specialises in interior fittings, restoration and customised furniture. In addition, we have been certified by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) as a contractor company.

Our work force consists of a highly skilled and dedicated team, trained to manage both residential and commercial projects efficiently. And the testament to our service and quality of work is a wide client base and extensive portfolio of works which ranges from commercial projects for retail malls to interior renovations for residential homes.
Reno Cube
Six faces joined with symmetry represents a cube. Balancing six facets of our client’s needs, wants, resources, style, way of life & design integrity sets the tone for every home that Reno Cube delivers.

Founded by a furniture design expert & a sustainable building enthusiast, this partnership created a company that focuses on custom designs that reflect the inhabitants’ character and gravitation from sleek modern lines to nature inspired presentations.
Renozone, a reputable interior designer in Singapore, has been in the business of making dreams come true for many years. With our well tested professional capabilities, client-oriented service and attention to details, we ensure our client needs are fulfilled and met beyond their expectations. Be it creating your dream home or giving your business the best shot for success, Renozone is proud and ready to be of service to you.
Rhiss Interior
Rhiss Interior takes great pride in being and is widely known for our Full Service Interior Design solutions that exceeds beyond design expectations, as well as being functional, both in residential and commercial projects.

Every one of our client and the spaces we design are unique. That’s why, through close consultation with you, our work seeks to reflect your individuality and aspirations.

We understand today’s clients are design and lifestyle savvy, and hence, our team are always ready to assist you with high expectations and bold creative design plans.
Rich Dimension
Rich Dimension was incorporated in 2009. We are recognized for our talent as designer & builder. Our clients experienced the benefits of having us to design, manage and built. We are a group of professionals who work as a team closely with owner to efficiently through planning, selection, designing and construction services.
SL Home Decor
We are a one stop place to provide complete solutions for home renovation and interior design. With over 15 years of experience, we offer a complete range of interior design services and decoration of residential and commercial project.

Dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves in repeat customers and a high number of referrals for new project.

At SL Home Decor, customer satisfaction and delivering highest quality workmanship is our mission.
Founded by a team of passionate and experienced creative directors, SCHEMACRAFT believes in providing their clients with the best consultation, service and craftmanship to achieve the best design and functionality.

With their high attentiveness to details and trustworthiness, many of their clients learnt about them through word of mouth.

The key to great design is to understand, translate and reflect the client's personality, tastes and preferences into his living space.
Sevenvine is one of Singapore’s leading interior design firms. Our company was established in 2005, starting from a humble background as a design firm accepting small projects for the residential market. We are proud to share that we have now grown to become a full service design and consultancy company.
Sketch ID
We believe that design is about exploration of spaces and how boundaries are captivated to embody functional requirements. We do not pursuit design based on what is visually attractive, rather we chose to understand its brand or owners to create a unique space and sustainable design.

We work hard with stubborn freshness and optimism to celebrate the mutual relationship between man and his environment so as to achieve an original cultural uniqueness.

We are keen create designs that speak of time, narrates a space and yearn for timelessness.
Sky Creation Asia
In Sky Creation Asia, we turn ideas into reality; we are committed to comply with requirements and to deliver the best renovation work services to our valued customers. We shall achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement through:
• Use of quality materials
• Competitive pricing
• Creative designs
• Excellence workmanship
• Customer Oriented Services
Space Alchemy
At Space Alchemy, we specialize in interior designs and furnishing for home and commercial spaces. We will provide you with professional advice and interior consultancy to create a classy and elegant interior design for your home and office.
Space Atelier
Established in 2014, SPACE ATELIER PTD LTD, is a creative practice that operates within the field of interior design. We approach design through rigorous inquiry into the needs & challenges unique to each project, delivering tailored-made solutions & crafting spaces to reflect the unique quality of our client’s individuality, tastes, lifestyle and/or company image.”

Our work experience covers a wide spectrum of interior design projects of varying profile & scale, including residential HDBs, prestigious condominiums, landed houses, commercial retail & office spaces.

At SPACE ATELIER, we believe that all facets of the design process, be it from conceptualising to detailing or even collaborating with like-minded designers, architects, artists, craftsmen & suppliers, are all essential in delivering a successful project – One that truly delights & inspires.
Space Concepts
At Space Concepts Design, our outstanding designers will capture the essence of your spirit, and coupled with a creative transformation of the space you have at home, transcend it into a living piece of art.
Space Define
Space Define is the brainchild of Daniel Loi and Derrick Boh, born out of a passion to create
chic, liveable spaces where function and space planning is key in the design process.
Fresh, vibrant and dynamic, we are passionate about infusing charisma into the space you LIVE, WORK and PLAY. Always listening and offering customised solutions, we aspire to breathe design into your lives.
Offering a one-stop interior solution hub for you, we specialises in:
 Building alteration and addition
 Space planning
 Design development
 Project management
 Consultancy
Space Factor
Space Factor is a lifestyle-driven interior design & build studio based in Singapore.

Founded in 2009, we've helped several clients achieved their space planning objectives across a wide-range of residential, commercial and retail projects.

We also established our own in house carpentry workshop to provide cost-effective and flexible design capabilities to enable us to capture the requirements of fast moving contemporary design trends.

Our clients enjoy working together with us as we work with a collaborative philosophy i.e. we pay close attention to your requirements and apply our years of design and technical experience to your spatial needs.

Space Factor’s designers and project managers are on-hand to advise you on every detail from design to construction.
Space Matters
Space Matters is a boutique interior design firm founded in 2004. Helmed by its Principal Designer Ken Lee who has 12 years of experience in this field, the design firm specializes in services such as design conceptualisation, space planning, construction and project management of turnkey projects.

Through Ken’s strong architectural and design flair as well as his ability to understand the clients’ business objectives, Space Matters has been commissioned to design numerous commercial projects mainly in the retail and hospitality sectors such as Antoinette, Pique Nique and Delifrance.

Apart from commercial projects, Space Matters also has a strong portfolio in residential projects. From HDB flats, private apartments to landed property; Ken is committed to create a unique home that reflects the personality for each of his client.

The works of Space Matters are also recognised and frequently feature in key design and lifestyle publications such as Home & Décor and 8 Days.
Space Sense Studio
Space Sense is a boutique interior design firm helmed by Kelvin Teo, an award-winning interior and furniture designer. Established in 2003, Space Sense provides a holistic design solution for each specified interior, by embracing the diverse conceptual, aesthetic, functional and technical aspects to achieve the desired “perfect” result.As perfection depends on perspective, Space Sense knows that it needs to understand your environment, your space, your ideas, your needs, your preferences, your life; develop on ideas, options, strengths and solutions; and conceptualise all of it in a coherent, workable sense to become your perfect space.Being a strongly design-oriented and personal service firm, Space Sense views each interior as truly unique. From initial information that is usually diffuse and disjointed, Space Sense puts together all the pieces in the puzzle, so that at the end of the day, a whole new picture is composed.
Space Vision Design
Space Vision Design was conceptualised in 2002 and has been transforming vacant spaces into beautiful, yet practical interiors, for HDB flats, Condominium, Landed Properties, Office Spaces and Retail Outlets.

Our team of professionals are there with you for every stage, including consultation, conceptualisation, space planning, furniture hunting and project management.
Spacedge Designs
Spacedge Designs was founded in 1999 by William Chan. The design studio was launched in response to the growing demand for unconventional and yet practical interior architecture. In the years following, Spacedge has grown its clientele base, which includes foreign dignitaries, renowned retail brands and hospitality firms.

Based in Singapore, Spacedge has been creating innovative architectural and interior designs for residences, retail stores, commercial showrooms and dining establishments. The broad range of works has won Spacedge regional acclaim and awards.

Accolades received include the President’s Design Award 2012 as well as the Singapore Design Awards in 2010 and 2012 for the residential category. Spacedge has also been shortlisted for the Asia Pacific Interior Design & Architecture Awards 2013.
Founded in 2006 Spacevox began with a desire in our hearts to bring design to all who came into our journey.
Spacious Planners
Spacious Planners Pte Ltd is an establishment reputed for her innovative interior design services and quality workmanship. We provide a complete service tailored to suit each individual client which includes space planning, project management and renovation works. Our projects include residential homes in both public and private sectors, commercial and retail outlets.

Spacious Planners has been recognized for her simple yet elegant and imaginative solutions to the issue of space. This is constantly portrayed in the company’s slogan : “space matter, space matters.”
Spire ID
We are a team of creative designers with passion & determination to provide excellent craftsmanship and services.

Over the years, referrals from satisfied clients are keeping us growing. It reflects your pursue in life.

We seek continuous improvement in qualified workmen to bring out excellent craftsmanship and to be resourceful to provide a one-stop destination for all our clients.

We believe every space has its own characteristic. It reflects your pursue in life.

At SPIRE, we integrate your vision of a dream home into unique designs with a creative perspective.
SPONGE PTE LTD is an interior consultant firm which has been established more than 10 years.

We are a team of very creative & experience designers in Singapore, specialising in both residential and commercial projects.

SPONGE believes that only the right designers and the right clients with the same wave length can create more unique cutting edge design to inspire the industry.
Our directors have over 10 years of experience in the Singapore market, supported by a strong team of design executives and our very own in-house designers. So whether you`re looking for a home or condo interior designer, SquareRoom has got you covered.

Because we believe in customised solutions for our clients, we even have our own carpentry workshop located along Admiralty Street. To ensure quality and professionalism, our staff are continuously upgrading their knowledge and proficiency.
Starry Homestead
Starry Homestead Pte Ltd is an innovative interior design firm founded in Singapore.

Our mission is creating delicacy but intimacy, chic and modern living, working & relaxing environment with advanced material, designer’s unique sensibility and sense of beauty.

Our professional design team pays attention to every client’s needs and preference, also the optimal balance between man and space, functionality and elegance, in the ways that bring a place of ease and comfort.

With many of our experiences on projects including residential premises, commercial retail shops, and business offices, we have been established numerous and significant references to sustain the high quality of upcoming projects.
Story of Us
With a team of experienced design consultants under our belt, renovating your dream home can be a breeze. We understand your needs for great details, therefore delivering quality workmanship is one of our top priority. Together with reliable and skilful contractors who offer quality workmanship from tilling to carpentry works, we are one step closer to getting your dream home built.

Besides that, our design consultants will also advise you on the budget allocation so that the amount you are spending will be well worth. By having the design philosophy of "We design your place as if our own", you can spend your precious time and energy on your family and work, while leaving the rest to us.
Studio 99 Interior
Studio 99 Interior Pte Ltd, a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm based in Singapore, is incorporated on 21 August 2014 after its inception in November 2013. Founded by designers with a combined experience of more than 10 years, we are able to anticipate your needs and execute your vision with our professional design and project management services from start to finish.
Studio HBA
Studio HBA is a division of HBA International, the world’s leading hospitality design firm. We service a large client base of local hoteliers and developers looking for cutting-edge design and quality service.

Our project resume includes hotels, resorts, private residences, show flats, independent restaurants, clubs and corporate offices. Recognizing the paramount constraints of schedule and budget, Studio delivers design solutions that are memorable yet responsive to real world project constraints. Since 1965, HBA has been a trusted name in the delivery of unparalleled, quality service to the hospitality industry and we bring this same commitment to Studio HBA.
Studio XMSL
Studio XMSL is adept in the design of your built environment. Founded in June 2009, we are an award winning design office that is currently working on a wide variety of building & interior design projects in Singapore,Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.
Style Rider
Style Rider Pte Ltd, experienced interior design firm focused in providing premium personalized design services to homeowners in Singapore.
Summerhaus D’zign
Summerhaus D’zign is an award winning interior design studio in Singapore. We take on a bespoke approach to customise each detail and achieving designs tailored to suit you best. Every project we undertake bears the unique identity of the home's owner. After all, comfort comes in a home infused with your personality.

A two category winner in the 2017 Asia Pacific Property Awards, Summerhaus has been recognised by local media as a promising young interior design firm in Singapore and was named as a 50 influential designer in 2015 by a local luxury design magazine.

Every experience with Summerhaus D’zign is unique as we bring you into our world of interior design. Our approach is simple: Client Centricity and Total Dedication. We live by the design principle: “Bespoke • Novelty” – Bespoke solutions, Novelty designs.
Summit Design Studio
When you think of Summit Design Studio, think of us as a driven and passionate interior design company that harnesses the power of creative ideas to help you the homeowner achieve your objectives; think of us as the transformers for turning your dream living environment into reality at an affordable price. Think of us as people who love to surprise you by going that extra mile for you, simply because we care.

We provide solutions where others just listen and follow accordingly without input. Most importantly, we want you to see us as your partner working towards a common goal – creating the perfect home for you.
TOPOS Design Studio
At TOPOS Design Studio, we offer our clients a comprehensive holistic experience in developing detailed, bespoke Architectural and Interior Designs. We collaborate closely to provide clients with elegant, timeless and innovative ideas and solutions. We are known for flexibility in our approach to how we tailor designs to meet our client’s needs and budgets
TOPOS Design Studio is an International Architect and Interior Design boutique firm set up with the simple premise of achieving refined architectural and spatial expressions through modern contemporary design language.

TOPOS has a wide range of experience in varying construction projects which include commercial, corporate, residential, hospitality, public spaces and exhibitions.

TOPOS Design Studio’s biggest achievements to date include designing the interior architecture and design for the US$2 billion World’s Largest Racecourse Grandstand and the World’s First 5-Star Trackside Hotel at Meydan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Taims Interior
Conceptualized and founded since 2005, as Living Art Interior Design Studio, we have grown over the years into a full-fledged interior design and consultancy studio known as The Art In Making(Singapore), or TAIMS today. At helm is Jael Ang, whom with more than a decade of experience in the interior design industry steers the company as Creative Director today.

At the heart of TAIMS lies Jael’s vision in delivering professional interior design solutions alongside tiptop and client-oriented services. Our associates are well-trained in their field to develop a personalized portfolio of creative interior designs combined with the professional technical knowledge projects ranging from Commercial and Residential (A&A works and Construction).
Taishin Builders
Established in 1993, Taishin Builders is now a recognised building contractor for mid to high-end residences in the prime districts of Singapore. Founded by business partners and old friends Vic Chia and Po Chong Chiew,Taishin Builders has a stellar client track record and a list of accomplished projects under its belt.

Some of our accomplished projects are the Thomson Riveria, the Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore, the Delifrance chain in Singapore, premium developer SC Global Office in Newton 200 and Shanghai’s most exclusive residential apartments.
Tan Studio
Taking pride in meeting client’s demands and ensuring their satisfaction has always been the top priority for herself. Thus leading to the numerous positive reviews and referrals by clients. Founded by Delson Tan, his approach to design is informed and evolves through research, enquiry and differentiation. He is constantly seeking to find innovative design solution arising out of the constraints from negotiating clients’ needs. With more than 9 years of experience, Delson had also claimed reputable projects under his belt. At Tan Studio, the team work closely with their clients to offer comprehensive, innovative and practical turnkey interior solutions. Helping client to bring out the best interior space that is functional yet bears individual client’s unique personality imprint. Thus, great care is taken to understand clearly client’s space aspirations, create designs that articulate such aspirations and build them to reality while strictly adhering to processes without compromising quality. The team also believe that the collaboration between client & designer can create a mutual understanding for a new level in design & achievement. Additionally, Tan Studio welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best interior design service in the industry.
Tarkus Interiors
Tarkus Interiors, established in 1990 has earned the reputation of being an interior contractor and manufacturer that firmly believes in balancing function and aesthetics.

With our manufacturing capabilities, our finishing and furnitures have a level of intricacy and detail that adds touch of elegance to all our projects. Our team of highly trained staff and experienced craftsmen ensure that your project is completed on time and to your full satisfaction.
Thaddeus Interior Associates
Thaddeus Interior Associates is today a well-established interior design firm. Under the directorship of Gabriel & Sabrina, it has since garnered a number of notable projects under its belt. Our area of interior expertise includes landed properties, condominiums, studio apartments, HDB units, commercial offices & retail spaces.
The 80's Studio
Since its establishment on September 9, 2012, The 80’s Studio has operated to both local and international standards, underpinned by robust business values and ethics. The interior design firm offers space planning and renovation services, aims to becoming one of the top interior design studios in Singapore. Within a short span of three years in operation, it has grown with a small but dynamic young team of six designers. The firm has won many local and international awards, that including renowned awards such as Singapore Outstanding Enterprise, International Design Award and Asia Pacific Brands Award, and plans on making its way to the world stage clinching more global recognitions. In order to display continuous efforts in quality assurance, The 80’s Studio works on three core values – Creativity. Service. Care.; where the team unleashes their creativity by thinking outside the box, keeping up to professionalism in rendering services and treating all clients with utmost priority. Through the years, the firm has completed an estimate of 100 ideal spaces and successful projects for clients of different needs. With a methodical yet creative way of project management, The 80’s Studio will continuously create a satisfactory service and worry-free experience for all of its clients.
The Carpenter's Workshop
The Carpenter’s is a boutique interior design firm in Singapore which has been established since 1997.

The Carpenter’s design philosophy is ‘Design with U in Mind’. We believe that the design of a home should be based on the needs and lifestyle of its owners and should not be restricted by the walls in their homes.

True to the company design philosophy, here at The Carpenter’s, we have a passion to remodel & revamp living spaces. A common practice of thinking beyond the walls allows us to design and reconfigure spaces based on the owners’ needs and not be restricted by the walls in their homes.

Through the years, we have carved out a niche market which focuses on mostly old houses, old apartments, and living spaces that require total revamp and major overhaul. Our work includes anything from major renovation to Additions & Alterations (A & A) work and in some cases reconstruction.
The Design Abode
the design abode is an environmental design firm that delivers honest & unpretentious spatial solutions for the interior & exterior, unique to each context & user.
The Design Ministry
With nearly two decades of experience, Edwin Foo and Djohan Arifin Chen have accumulated a sizable portfolio and a respectable reputation in the field. Both designers hail from award-winning and entrepreneurial backgrounds, as independent designers as well as being the owner of Interior Design company – Nest Space Planners Pte Ltd.

Converging on a dialogue of contrasting elements, Foo and Chen develop spaces that teeter on the edge of sophistication; cleverly merging luxurious yet understated details with a narrative function.

This fusion of two unique styles is instrumental to setting the tone for expanding and maturing extraordinary commercial and residential projects.
The Designerds
Imparted upon The Designerds is a fascinating assemblage of excellent services; let us delve deeper into its stunning gazette of expertise;

 Interior Design Consultation
 Space Planning
 Detail & 3D (Color) Perspective Drawing
 Project Management and Site Coordination
 Carpentry & Finishing Work

Deeply inherent in its organizational capacity, The Designerds takes pride in a transparent approach towards exceptional service quality. Imperative emphasis is placed in the choicest selection of customized concepts to suit your instantaneous needs; so as to concoct the precise design you require, through the interjection of your taste and personality in its concept.

In a promise to ensure you are given the best; great accentuation is partaken in the Design Analysis & Quality Assessment procedures, serving as a cardinal factor greatly adhered to, in the duteous efforts of its personnel.
The Drawing Board
Providing living solutions since 1999.
The Inside Job
Studio Director Cynthia Liau graduated from National University of Singapore with Masters of Architecture. She practiced as an architectural designer with various renowned architectural firms in Singapore & Shanghai and has gained good experiences in both architectural & interior projects which includes residential, commercial & mixed-use developments.

As a competent designer she is able to manage and lead projects from initial concept to construction stage. Her exposure to an array of different project types also enable her to meet the client’s expectations.

The Inside Job Pte Ltd was founded in 2012 specializing in design consultancy. True to the spirit of the studio’s motive, Cynthia firmly believes in contributing positively to the living environment with meaningfully designed spaces with good sense of delight.
The Interarch Design
The Interarch Design Pte Ltd is a one-stop comprehensive interior designing and renovation firm. Established in 1999, it is passionate in creating original, distinctive and practical designs based on the requirements, needs and affordability of its customers. Its diverse portfolio consists of satisfied customers from both residential and commercial projects.

With more than a decade of proven track record, our customers are mostly based on referrals. Comprising a dedicated ensemble of specialized team members, it is committed in providing quality workmanship, on-time delivery and achieving customer satisfaction every time from conception (start) to completion (end).
The Interior Lab
Helmed by industry veterans Freddy Tan, and Nelson Lin, The Interior Lab is an interior design company based in Singapore. With more than 11 years of experience under their belts, the two directors lead a team of young, creative, and passionate designers.

Dedicated to creating new ideas that caters to every individual’s lifestyle and preference, The Interior Lab strives to provide products of superior quality. Together with impeccable service standards, we are committed to give every client the dream home that best suits their needs.
The Interior Library
The Interior Library is committed to design excellence whether contemporary or classical, understated elegance or ultra luxe look.

We believe ultimately that only creative passion, dedication and powerful emotions put into the design process is the key to achieving successful inspirational décor. Working harmoniously with our clients' needs, wishes and respect are important to us.

All appointed tradesmen and vendors used in execution of The Interior Library project works understands the necessity to meet great workmanship, sensitivity to details and timelines to achieve our design intentions.
The Interior Place
What started as a humble design practice in 1999 has now become a well-established and venerated interior design firm in Singapore.

The Interior Place Pte Ltd has found its sweet spot in the industry as a boutique interior design company, offering design consultancy as well as design-and-build services to its clients on both residential and commercial products. Of late, the firm has had commissions on larger landed property projects. Regardless of project scale, Wayne and Candy’s hands-on approach to the projects they take on reveals their understanding of the personal nature of design. It is this belief that the company’s success is founded upon.
The Local INN.terior
The Local INN.terior is a full services firm specializing in residential, commercial, & retail designs. Majority of our team has been a part of us for many years, with extensive professional expertise. Ensuring all possible cost & obstacles are identified & discussed before project commences.
The Minimalist Society
The Minimalist Society is a full service firm that provides interior design and renovation solutions for residential

Combining both form and function, our designs are about beauty with usability. Dedicated to customer service, we listen meticulously to every clientele’s unique and individual needs and only provide quality yet affordable materials in our projects. We take you through together the entire design process, from brainstorming, conceptual ideas to space planning, product and material selection.

We believe that a well thought-out design is essential to make the most of every last centimetre and for getting every function to coexist in a compact space where everything still needs to be there.
The Orange Cube
The Orange Cube is inspired and motivated to provide our clients with a complete package of services from design conception to building completion. We have through the years built up an extensive portfolio in residential interiors which includes private apartments, HDB apartments and landed property projects, as well as commercial and F&B outlets.

Apart from designs of interiors and building renovation works, we also provide traditional design consultancy work for a wide range of projects from residential, commercial and hospitality projects.
The Renovation Concierge
We are a group of creative and fun-loving interior design enthusiasts who has come together because of a common vision - To create practical homes that are beautifully designed.

The saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" holds true in interior designing as well. A beautifully designed home should not blindly follow the latest trend. Rather, it should factor the lifestyle and needs of its occupants into the design. Only when its owners are truly happy and comfortable living in it, is a home with everlasting beauty born.

While creating beautiful homes is our passion, we never for once forget that a home without owners are nothing but an enclosure with four walls. Therefore you - the home owners, our clients, are the most important in our business of creating beautiful homes. We want to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable renovation experience, not because a happier customer makes our work life easier but so that you will like our artwork (which is your home) even more!
The Scientist
Inquisitive, Explorative, Persistent, Creative, Analytical.

These five elements are as important to a scientist as they are to a designer.

Design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied, to build a cosy and comfortable living environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive.

With our burning passion in design, we strive for design originality by infusing our artistic expression with our clients' needs to deliver a great interior design solution for our clients.
Established since 1984, Thermographics (TMG) is an award winning, Singapore owned Architectural and Interior Construction Company providing superior project management, design and construction.

Designing and constructing locally and internationally for over 25 years, TMG has allowed our architectural and interior solutions to set and achieve a proven expertise in project development, contracting services and interior construction solutions.

With a repertoire of skills housed in our very own infrastructure and building facilities, along with the competency in architectural and construction knowledge, TMG prides itself as a highly capable architectural and interior fit-out specialist serving a broad portfolio of clients.
Third Avenue Studio
Third Avenue Studio is a boutique interior design studio that specialises in quality residential – both apartments and landed – and commercial property, enabling clients to experience cohesion in creating an environment which suits each client’s comfort and style without sacrificing functionality.

We pay special attention to the space we design, carrying the promise of subtlety and simplicity amidst well-crafted design and clean sophistication to bring about harmony in functionality. Our service lines include the following:
o Design consultancy
o Integrated project management service
o Design + fabrication of fine art and architectural additions in a variety of reclaimed materials
Thom Signature
Established in the middle of 2005 by Thomas Poon, Thom Design specialises in interior design consultancy for an array of market segment and has since grown in both its company and portfolio. It has garnered a privilaged client list including more than 30 MNCs and an impressive number of prestigious projects spanning across Singapore.
Three-d conceptwerke
A dynamic thoughts interior architectural design firm whom will want to share the right design philosophy with the public and welcome those public whom have the same thoughts as well as for new members whom have make acceptance and curiosity to understand what we will share.
U-Home Interior Design
U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd, established in 1999, has over 40 experienced and creative interior designers and dedicated project coordinators to provide you with the best advice and service. We are committed to and are constantly looking to add value to our services. Through our in-depth research and direct fieldwork over the years, we have uncovered key patterns and principles that help us better connect with our customers.

This ensures the quality of our work, which has been known to exceed our customers’ expectations and thus gives us the edge over other renovation firms.
Ultimate Interior Creation
Ultimate Interior Creation provides total and integrated interior design services to make your dream comes into reality. We aim to be one-stop service provider for you to design and renovate your living or working space so you can experience a hassle-free time and yet satisfied outcome.

At Ultimate Interior Creation, you just need to liaise with a professional consultant who will accommodate your requirements, work on design, identify project cost, and coordinate the jobs on site for you.

With trusting relationship, commitment, and quality assurance, we confidently provide you the best services.
Unimax Creative
At Unimax Creative, we understand that your property is important to you — which is why we want to turn your desired space into reality. As your design and build partner, we take care of the details to realise those dreams.

Through a non-obligatory sales consultation, we seek to not only understand your needs but to also present our visions for your dreams. Promising no hard-selling, hidden costs and other unpleasant surprises, Unimax Creative adheres to a transparent work process where every detail can be discussed to your satisfaction.

Exceeding your expectations through our creations. This is our commitment to you because you deserve nothing less for entrusting your property to us.
United Team Lifestyle
Founder of the company, Lawrence and Desmond, decided to venture on business in 2004 with the equipped skills to serve clients seeking a successful and interactive approach to interior design. They strove to be more than a regular interior design company.
Unity ID
Unity ID specialises in residential and commercial projects, with experiences in various design themes and concepts. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest design trend and technology in building materials as we believe that your home should be built to last.

Our designers are committed to manage your project from start to end and will be fully responsible for every step of the way. Together with our trusted contractors and suppliers whom we have established long term working relationships with, we promise to bring you a hassle free experience and quality workmanship.
Uno Interior
We’re Uno. We design, build and transform spaces into homes, offices, shops and restaurants. We aim to take the "con" out of "construction", building on time, on budget - on every project. if you can dream it, we can build it (no kidding).
Urban Atelier
Interior Design Company with portfolio of Residential, Commercial & Retail projects.
Urban Habitat Design
Our young and experienced team of interior design specialists at Urban Habitat Design brings together a rare fusion of skill and passion to every project we undertake. From vision and concept design to project management and fulfillment, we offer high-quality, cost-effective interior design services to commercial and residential clients across Singapore.
Urban Interiors
Urban Interiors is an interior firm situated in Ubi Ave. With a group of professional interior designers, supported by their own carpentry workshop, homeowners can have a peace of mind when they know that we are handling their jobs.
Van Hus Interior Design
Vän Hus Interior Design is a boutique interior design firm that dedicate their design based on customisation to your needs and preferences. Yet adding a touch of creative and unique ideas to your beautiful home. This combination results in a home filled with love from your personalisation, yet embraced with its exquisite design.
Vegas Interior Design
1996, the year Vegas embarked on a journey in becoming a well-established interior design firm in Singapore. Operating from a humble shop house in Ang Mo Kio estate with a handful of dedicated staff to provide interior design and renovation services to home owners.

Over the years, Vegas has gone through many phases of transition and development to become what is it today., a prestigious interior design firm offering one-stop service solutions to our valued clients.
We transform empty rooms to vibrate spaces for living, work and play. By balancing the preferences of our client's aesthetic and practical requirements, so come share with us your ideas and let us spice them up with a portion of passion, knowledge, sincerity and dedication.

We will surely be able to bring you one step closer to your interior dream concept.

Versatility in design, Formatively in space
Visual ID
Visual ID was established in the year 1998 with the intention of building a foundation of design excellence and inspirational identities. Over the past decade, our company has amassed a large portfolio of completed projects ranging from single room renovations up to international commercial projects.

Our company remains keenly attuned to the ever changing industry trends. It is a combination of detailed knowledge of design which is worth a depth of experience that allows us to identify interior design trends at the source. It is our goal to add significance, to raise standards and improve the quality of a project.
Viterbo Interior Design
Founded in 1971, Viterbo Interior Design is an international interior design brand on a mission to Design Extraordinary Spaces for Extraordinary Clients. We are a full service interior design firm that handles a variety of projects in the residencial and hospitality sectors, from personal residences to luxury hotels. Everything from research to planning to execution is handled in-house by a carefully-curated team of Designers and Artisans. At Viterbo ID, we create unique and inimitable ambiances that reflect stories, experiences and memories as unique as the identity of each client.For over 40 years, Viterbo ID has prided itself on creating gorgeous, luxury designs that blend the classical with the contemporary. We take a personalized approach to each project to create spaces to tell stories – your stories.Viterbo is a legacy; a 40-year legacy of unique concepts, translated into achievements made possible through the union of two generations: that of the founder, Graça Viterbo and that of her daughter, Gracinha Viterbo.
At VOILÀ, we look at who you are, how you want to be perceived, how you work and where you move… every detail is important to us.

From conception to execution, our team is able to seamlessly integrate all processes and people, ensuring on time delivery with the best quality to match. Our after-sales service will also leave you astounded.

At the end of the journey, it is always a pleasant surprise, a revelation and a wonderment at the new creation, which can only be captured in the French whimsical expression, "Voilà!".
WaWe Design
WaWe Design is a professional and creative interior design firm established in 2010. We strive to design and renovate your Dream home, ensuring you our workmanship, reliability and service. We provide FREE perspective and 3D designs for our customers to give them artistic impressions for their dream homes.
Wallflower was founded by Tan Chai Chong Robin and Cecil Chee, bringing together a combined experience of commercial projects and residential developments. Established in 1999, Wallflower Pte Ltd & Wallflower Architecture + Design have undertaken a wide spectrum of work, ranging from commercial and residential projects and have received numerous awards for excellence in design, having been also widely featured in local and international publications. Wallflower was quickly recognised by Singapore’s Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, as one of Singapore’s key industry players in design.
Wee Studio
Interior Design & Build Professional Service
Whiteboard is one of the most established names in Singapore interior design industry.

Since its genesis in 2000, the company has a acquired a reputation of delivering beautiful and function living spaces to their client.

Whiteboard's design philosophy is simple: it is about being bold, innovative, versatile and most importantly, about creating personalized lifestyles.

Built upon the concept that a whiteboard is a clear space upon which you can etch your dreams and inject your creativity, we pride ourselves in helping your create a dream home to fit your lifestyle.
Whites D'zigno
WHITES D’ZIGNO PTE LTD is recognized full-service interior design firm specializing in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning. Clients who want a highly differentiated product choose WHITES D’ZIGNO for artistic and beautiful interiors designed to create consumer desire and ultimately drive sales.
As an innovative residential design firm, Xprado takes a positive approach to create design that consistently promotes spatial quality that embrace human living.

We are committed to deliver our ideas with good project management and our objective is to design and promotes greater standards of living in a well-built environment.

Our vision is to fulfill individual clients expectations and seek to establish a design leadership, which produces excellent design solutions.
Y-Axis ID
Y-Axis ID involved mainly in renovation and interior design works. Working from home, each project they clinched was executed with excellence and to the ultimate satisfaction of their customers.

It was their outstanding customer-orientation and after-sales service that garnered them a strong reputation. Soon, hoards of projects poured in, mostly through word-of-mouth, which spreads like wildfire.

The company attributes its success to its customers who were so impressed with the quality of work and commitment from the company that they always recommend Y-Axis to their friends and family.

The company now owns an office and is highly involved in residential and commercial projects in the public and private sector. They have established a wide network of specialized partners working in tandem to achieve only one result - the best for the customer.
Since 2004, we’ve been helping individual homeowners and property developers to design inspiring homes, offices and retail outlets. The success that we have built today is based on a carefully thought-out methodology consisting of a 3-step design process: Lifestyle Planning, Visualisation and Project Management.
A leading Singapore based Interior Design firm, a daughter company of ISOteam the Singapore public listed company. Zara@ISOTeam specializes in both residential and commercial interior design. We believe in creating comprehensive designs that compliments your commercial and lifestyle needs. Our team of architects and designers are passionate, updated and have an extensive knowledge of designing commercial and retail spaces. In our design process, we take on a detail-focused approach towards creating the ideal environment to meet your needs. The team is proud to have excellent working relationships with the top craftsman and subcontractors locally that take pride in producing quality of the highest standards. The studio is underpinned though the process of experimentation and refinement. We believe in truly exploring, understanding the space and context to find unique innovative solutions.
Zarch Collaboratives
Zarch is an architecture studio established in 1999 has over time developed a practice centred in architecture, yet in equal parts daringly and comfortably crossing multiple fields and disciplines in its approach to spatial design.

Building upon a collaborative vision where interaction between like-minded individuals both within and without is valued as part of the creative process, the studio has at various points in its growth found itself nestled within a community that included a graphic studio, a bar and a cafe.

The team works in a tightly-knit studio, where a buoyant open ecology of effervescent conversations and intensive dialogue is valued. Working across varying scales and complexities, our portfolio is continuously expanding as we confound expectations and re-write the rulebook as to what an architecture studio should be.
Zinc Design
Zinc Design Pte Ltd was founded in 2006. It was created with a vision to integrate design themes with available resources. We work to change mindsets with new ideas and concepts that are timeless while maintaining a balance between creativity and functionality.
i-Chapter is backed by a team of lively, dynamic and driven interior designers whom pride themselves on delivering unique individual designs to its ever-growing clientele. We dish out honesty and truthfulness when communicating with our clients and ensure that client expectations are constantly met and surpass for every project. That said, with the principal for having an eye for perfection, we will work closely with our clients so as to tune in their specific needs and likings, creating design that reflects the character and personality of each owner.

Our design consultancy provides the whole spectrum of services from designing to supplying and installation of customized furniture. Our firm also deals with a wide range of projects, including HDB flats, condominium apartments, landed properties and commercial projects.

Image, innovation, idealistic and ideas are the four tenets that would sum up the design sensibility of our consultancy firm.

Each space tells a chapter of a story
i-Logic Concepts
i-Logic Concepts Pte Ltd is a professional and creative interior design firm in Singapore, which provides an excellent service in interior design and development. We do our best to cater for clients’ requirements and participations are encouraged at all stages during the planning and the implementation of the project.
iDzign Interior
At iDzign Interior, we are all about giving turning your dream living environment into reality.
We approach every project with care and professionalism, regardless of its size and scale, striving to provide customers with a quality end product that fully satisfies their exacting requirements and expectations.

We emphasise on making interior design and renovations as simple, smooth, and hassle-free a process as possible, giving customers a peace of mind when they engage us.

iDzign Interior works hard to provide all of our customers with a quality product that is to their satisfaction when the job is done. Our focus is on making the renovation and remodeling process as easy on our clients as possible.
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